20 July 2017

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DXRACER test the K-Series: My personal favorite

Today I look at a model of the K series in DXRACER test. The King is currently the flagship of the manufacturer and record holder in terms of sales. Generous proportions, comprehensive adjustment, a particularly robust frame and a royales design make this gaming chair so attractive. I too flirtatious for a long time with the King, I was allowed to sit trial has often at trade shows. In this detailed review DXRACER including video, I'm going to take this particular office chair under the microscope and if he lives up to its reputation check.


DXRACER test: Specifications

Let us first start with the most important features in the DXRACER test. Already on paper will notice the most is that there are small but subtle differences to most other gamers chairs # 8211; but see for yourself:


DXRACER K-Series test at a glance:

  • Material of cover: PU leather
  • Color in DXRACER test: black with carbon look
  • Capacity: (official statement) 150kg
  • Angle of the backrest 90 to 135 degrees
  • Particularly robust aluminum base
  • Armrests 5 positions
  • On- & lockable tilting function
  • Support pillow for lumbar & neck

DXRACER Show price in Caseking

DXRACER Show Price at Amazon

DXRACER review: First impressions

The usual weighty package arrived well protected by the brave GLS man with me. With dimensions of 68 x 39 x 88 cm and a load of 25 kg, the whole thing can still cope with just single-handedly # 8211; who lives on the top floor, but is have fun. Unpacked the content looks like this:


The structure of the chair

As usual, even from my other DXRACER tests, the structure was very painless children. No additional tools are required and the individual parts are made precisely enough that handles sit right away and pays no frustration. Within 20-30 minutes, the structure is checked.

Should one but at one point stuck, helping a the clear guidance which also features a QR code # 8211; once scanned with a smartphone # 8211; reveals a view of a detailed installation video. In my video review for DXRACER you'll find the entire structure in fast motion.



interim conclusion

It falls in the handling of the individual parts # 8211; Backrest, seat, rolls, aluminum-base and Co. # 8211; immediately that these are overall more generous dimensions and robust than in # 8222; smaller # 8220; Gaming chairs. Positive noticed also are my wheels are rubberized softer than the standard roles of competition and roll significantly quieter. A nice little feature rubber studs are also on the ends of Fußkreuzes designed to prevent slipping of the feet. Quality and workmanship are at a high level # 8211; I'm used to from previous tests DXRACER # 8211; and so there are no messy seams, scratches or inferior plastic parts found.


Trial sitting in DXRACER Review

The gaming throne: As I have long been sitting on the Vertagear SL4000, I noticed immediately the enormous freedom for thighs and shoulders. The DXRACER King Series features a more less # 8222; aggressive # 8220; Support, as many of the cheaper chairs # 8211; ie smaller, less intrusive side bolsters on the backrest and seat. This is a bit lost from the racing feeling, but it is through the generosity which offers the K-Series, duly compensated. You feel in every sense of the word as if on a throne # 8211; or a comfortable chair.

Freedom for the legs: Particularly gamers with wider thighs and a total of broader stature often bring chairs with excessive lateral support problems. The first impression is there often good, this fades all too quickly when it expresses discomfort at all corners and ends. I personally would the nature of the K-series at any time preference granted before gamblers chairs, while convey better sports car feel but in the long run too narrow.

Ergonomic qualities: Who now believes that with all the generosity of the ergonomics is lost, the can I calm down. By the two adjustable support pillows can comfortably adopt a healthy posture. The customizable armrests do the rest in a pleasant, healthy sitting position.


DXRACER review: adjustment

You've probably already asked yourself what is supposed to be the fifth direction # 8211; so I felt before DXRACER review also. As usual with modern chairs, you can adjust the backrest in height, rotate forward and push back and adjust inwardly and outwardly. In addition, you can move further inward and outward the entire armrest including mount the King. These are dissolved at the bottom two screws and then about 2 centimeters additional play # 8211; not much, but still. Strictly speaking, these are not at all to another direction, but every now and then is this feature with # 8222; 5D # 8220; circumscribed.

From 90 to 135 degrees, anything goes # 8211; continuously. Other chairs you can indeed get even further into the horizontal part (up to 170 °), but this gives little sense, unless you like playing dentist in his gamer chair. A rocker function that can be locked in any and adjust the sensitivity of the tested DXRACER also has.

The lumbar cushion slides your request two belts up and down. The neck pillow # 8211; it inverts it as usual from above over the back # 8211; can not be adjusted very far down it. However, extra-extra plastic clip is for smaller people, with the cushion alternatively attach and can thus push down further.

The seat can be adjusted in a range of just 10 centimeters above the continuous gas lift height.



Which stature, the chair is?

As always yield the # 8222; official # 8220; Details of stores and manufacturers a divided image: time to read what of 175-185 cm and times of 180-200 cm. In the Capacity situation is similar: Did it mean for a while, the King would carry up to 180 kg, it is now called, the upper limit would be at 150 kg # 8211; perhaps because the new DXRACER Tank Series with its max. wishes to load of 200 kg thus appear more attractive? I can only speculate but I personally believe that the King still cope from my DXRACER test with 180 kg.

I myself am 189 cm tall and sit very comfortably in DXRACER K-series test. If you've looked at my test video # 8211; It is worth it! # 8211; then you have seen that even a more delicate person 170 cm tall comfortable sitting on the King.

Tip: If you're not sure, then try the best ▷ gaming chair size consultants from!

My personal experience and feedback from the community involved, I come to the following recommendation in DXRACER review: At the height of the owners between 170 cm and 205 cm should measure and accommodate a maximum of 150 to 180 kg on the scales.


Color variants and accessories

Available colors: In range of relevant shops can also be found at the King the usual colors. Red, green, blue, white, gray and black # 8211; There should be something for everyone. Personally, I like it plain and had me on my test # 8211; as usual # 8211; opted for black.

DXRACEREquipment: Actually, the chair comes with everything you could wish for gamer's heart. But if you want, which can specify one or the other small upgrade. I can recommend the blade wheels of the manufacturer, the slide the king on even quieter feet gentle hardwood or laminate (Look to my video special: ▷ AKRacing Rollerblade wheels # 8211; they are comparable). An office chair pad you can save you then.

If you put special emphasis on a pleasant attitude of your head, then you should watch times the optional cushions in a U shape # 8211; I myself was able to test at various DXRacern this already and was quite impressed.

Overview: My impression in DXRACER test


Conclusion for DXRACER K-Series Test

The King has slightly less support and race seat feeling than smaller gamer chair, however, trumps with particularly generous dimensions that allow the seated more freedom and promise consistently high level of comfort for many hours. Personally, I definitely prefer the feeling of seating at the K-series.

Positive noticed are in my DXRACER test also particularly quiet-running rollers and the overall robust construction. Small plus points for the anti-slip dots on the aluminum base and for the 5-way adjustable armrests.

Overall, a first-class gaming chair and currently my favorite, I can recommend almost everyone. Only very small or thin people will find on compact models such as the Formula Series, the AKRacing nitro or the SL4000 from Vertagear more comfort and ergonomics.


Carry no mistake - it is worthwhile in any case to compare prices. Many shop takes you 100 € more a reason for your chair from. In general, the rates for these two stores are best:

Further links to the K-series:

Good alternatives for K series:

The following models are of high quality and offer similar product characteristics. Which gamblers chair is most suitable for you, you will learn the size consultant.


Note on this page: Daily rates / affiliate links / images for coming. T. Amazon

About Tjorven


Hi, my name is Tjorven Lundgren and am the author of this guide! I was myself long as a professional CS 1.6 players go work today in the media industry. In the years as a professional I have developed an awareness of good gaming chairs and eSports circles everyone today has one. Why a good gaming chair is important so and why you need one learn it on this site!


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Moin Diggi
I wanted to ask you where the exact difference between the King OH / KF06 / N and the King KS06 Gaming is I post you times both down in and just to me, I'm 171. broader shoulders 75kg typical fitness figure and wanted to know which of the two regardless of the one is only available is more appropriate.

best wishes from Hamburg



DXRACER 12 Gaming Chair

Product description

  • Material: Aluminum frame and steel frame, leatherette
  • Mass: about 25 kg
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Maximum recommended Height: 190 cm
  • Overall height: about 129-136 cm
  • Widest point: about 69 cm
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

DX Racer 12 # 8211; A gaming chair with qualities

DXRACERReal gamers do not just need a powerful PC, a robust and practical keyboard, an ergonomic and sophisticated mouse a good headset, but also just a reasonable chair with ergonomics. adjustability. processing and of course a good Price-performance ratio convinced. The DX Racer 12 allows the Zocken assume a comfortable and healthy posture and has in all areas Very good passed.

DXRACERGamer chairs for hours claimed and must therefore have a high load capacity and allow a healthy sitting posture. The DXRACER 12 offers through its thoughtful ergonomic shape optimum support. But he has, among others, stable star base. a very robust tubular steel frame and a incorporated headrest. With the many built-in pads and supplied pillow but it also allows for an extremely comfortable sitting position. are very positive aspect is also the various customization possibilities. which allow you to adjust the chair optimally to your own body measurements and also to the desk and the prevailing conditions. Here, the DX Racer 12 test at 96% with a grade Very good .


DXRACEREven when working with the chair confident because he is TUV approved, very robust and resistant. The seams are all well processed, be durable and stable framework and materials durable and easy to care for. The frame is made of aluminum and steel, so but it is solid and not too hard though as the reference leatherette not only insensitive but also very convenient is. Its weight is only 25 kilograms and he still holds a very high maximum load of up to 100 kilograms stood. Its overall dimensions are 69 x 127 and 134 x 76 cm and its seat height can be adjusted from 44 to 54 cm at will. The seat width is approximately 52 cm and the overall height of 129-136 cm. Here too, the DX Racer 12 test to 95% with a Very good .


DXRACERThe DX Racer 12 has a lockable tilt function and a gas spring with height adjustment. So the chair can be adjusted not only perfectly to every body type, but also to the desk. The 3D armrest has many options before, so they can be optimally adjusted. she is 8 adjustment and next to the Softpadauflage still has a tilt mechanism with locking function. Thus, the DX Racer convinced at the adjustability with 93% and will receive the mark Very good .

Value for money

DXRACERLike the other products in the range, the DX Racer is 12 definitely worth the money. who be stylish and powerful design like, who is from the many settings. the extremely comfortable sitting posture and the health-promoting ergonomics be thrilled. All good gamer chairs seem to many once quite high, but for this they not only guarantee healthy posture, they are also very durable, so it is not necessary always to buy a new Chair. Its price is the DX Racer 12 but and absolutely appropriate for processing, materials and extras that it provides. It makes it possible to sit for hours in front of the PC and Instead of back pain to get the Fun gamble to increase. Customers report that the chair already convinced the trial sitting, but no pain occur after 10 hours of sitting. Therefore, there is DX Racer 12 also with a Very good and reaches 90%.

DXRACEROf the DX Racer 12 was in the gaming stool test reaching a total of 93.5%, which is all in all a Very good. He believes in all categories and is therefore definitely worth the money. The powerful and at the same sporty look He owes the comfortable ergonomics. his easy-care plastic surface and many upholstery. The comfortable and stable sitting posture can be adapted to each body type and desk and is guaranteed by the robust frame, the aesthetically pleasing design and the numerous settings. Already alone the adjustment possibilities of 3D armrests make it very convenient to place their hands yet sufficient freedom of movement to have. This is of course supported by the height and angle adjustable backrest and adjustable seat height. The upholstery contribute to the healthy posture at and their positioning, shape and size makes the DX Racer 12 into one of the most comfortable gaming chairs at all. It is easy to clean, durable, comfortable, enables a healthy sitting posture and therefore highly recommended.



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DXRACER game seat »Racing Gaming Chair"

* * * * O optical super items for 1 of 1 customers found. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

super comfortable seat in front of computer. Easy installation and now he is. I can only find the value for money very covered, which costs them so much?

Roswitha S. from Berlin 10/18/2016 Is this review helpful to you? Yes No Helpful

* * * * * Super office chair, top processing. For 1 of 1 customers found. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

well made
fast assembly
His good value

from a customer in Passau 09/28/2016 Is this review helpful to you? Yes No Helpful


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