Sexual Addiction (hypersexuality): Symptoms

21 October 2017

At a sex addiction (hypersexuality) symptoms over time are increasing. The interested party increases its sexual activities continually. The satisfaction decreases and the impact on the rest of life is increasing. People with an increased sexual desire feel a uncontrollable urge, live out their sexuality. are considered typical characteristics of a sex addiction:

Often shows a preference for anonymous sex. So look for people with a sexual desire increased targeted places on that offer opportunities for Sex with strangers, such as parks, swingers, or sauna clubs. Even sexuality is often traded as a commodity, that is, pay the victims either for sexual activities (Phone, brothels), or even to offer sex for money.

In addition to these sexual preferences, it can also lead to criminal acts in a subject in need of sex addiction: Many sex addicts show voyeuristic or exhibitionistic behavior. Also intrusiveness can (for example, touching others without their permission) occur exploiting a position of power or sex with children as part of a sex addiction. Under no circumstances sex addiction is considered to be an excuse for such acts. Any party to this fact needs to be aware and responsible.

Sex addiction often occurs coupled with other mental disorders. Most common is the combination of sexual addict behavior with alcohol or drug dependency.


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