21 October 2017

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A trip thrombosis can result from long Real seats, as is the case with a long haul flight, but even with long train or car travel. However, the risk of DVT is much lower than it is shown in many places.

Large scale studies have shown that the risk for a long-haul flight (ie, at a flight time of more than six to eight hours) to suffer a thrombosis travel, under a tenth of a percent is (0.02 to 0.05%). This means that only 2 to 5 of 10,000 passengers develop as a result of a long-haul flight may symptoms of thrombosis in the legs. When traveling by air for twelve hours, this risk increases minimal. however, insists on shorter flights (less than six hours) basically No increased risk for a trip thrombosis.

The probability that someone gets by a long-haul flight a DVT is so are for healthy people about as high (or low) as the general risk of thrombosis for individuals who have varicose veins or three days bedridden (that is independent of a trip). Whether the risk of DVT in the economy class of the slight decline legroom is greater than in business class, has not been studied.

Even for people with an increased risk of thrombosis (e.g., by coagulation disorders or strong varicose veins) is to get on a long haul flight, a DVT only a probability of about 0.2 percent. This corresponds to 20 of every 10,000 people. The risk is just under four times higher than in healthy people, but still remains very low.

In a thrombosis (blood clots) which may lead to vascular occlusion formed usually in the veins blood clots. In general, such clots dissolve by themselves and without consequences. Most do not even symptoms. Only when such a clot dissolves and is flushed through the bloodstream towards the lungs, thrombosis can be fatal, because then there is a risk of pulmonary embolism.

If you experience symptoms, makes itself felt thrombosis as follows:

Those who want to prevent a DVT, should during a long-haul flight or long trips to drink a lot and always get back up and move.


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