Achillodynia, Achilles tendonitis: Symptoms

21 October 2017

An Achilles tendonitis usually develops insidiously. Affected feel initially only a slight Tweak in the Achilles tendon, especially

Particularly in the first steps in the morning stepping on the pain, dissipate after some movement but again. Also one Morning stiffness of the Achilles tendon may be a sign of an Achilles tendonitis.

In the course of Achilles tendonitis symptoms in the hamstring to take such an extent that the pain can also occur at night or at rest.

If you ignore the initial pain in the Achilles tendon inflammation, and continue to train diligently, you run the risk of a lengthy achillodynia to develop. A achillodynia is characterized in that the pain in the Achilles tendon usually occur during exercise.

A Achilles tendonitis You can often find not only feel but also see. The Achilles tendon is

Affected drive along with your thumb and index finger on the string, they can sometimes also a "frictional resistance" feel or small nodules.

A graphical representation of the Achilles tendon. In an Achilles tendon pain usually occur two to six centimeters above the heel bone. © iStock

the Achilles tendon

Patients with achillodynia describe the Achilles tendon pain usually two to six centimeters above the heel bone. Initially, the pain is often caused by inflammation of the peritendineum. The complaints then occur especially at the start of loading and early in the morning with the first steps - but in advanced stages, the pain can persist even at rest.

After this "enter" let the pain in an Achilles tendon after often - but pace tightening or uphill runs can cause the pain to increase again. 

Morning stiffness of the Achilles tendon also is common. 


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