Mouth sores (aphthous stomatitis): How do you recognize trench mouth?

21 October 2017

The first symptoms of mouth sores (aphthous stomatitis) occur about four to six days after infection with the Herpes simplex virus type 1 on. The symptoms can be different pronounced.

Individuals with aphthous stomatitis initially have a fever and feel repulsed. Shortly thereafter arise on the mucous membranes in the mouth and sometimes on the lips numerous small bubbles. This burst quickly and develop painful, pinhead to lentil-sized mucosal damage with whitish plaque and a reddish edge - so-called aphthous ulcers.

Whether buccal mucosa, gums or palate: The entire mouth can be infected with the canker.

It may happen that the aphthous stomatitis spreads when herpes viruses pass through a smear on his fingers, upper lip or nostril. Then form bubbles there.

The doctor recognizes a mouth rot usually already on the basis of typical symptoms. Diseases showing symptoms similar to an aphthous stomatitis, it must exclude it. These include, for example, aphthous ulcers, which are not caused by viruses, or Behcet's disease, a particular form of vasculitis.

are adult affected by mouth ulcers, the doctor should clarify whether maybe the immune system is weakened by a disease.


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