Muscle twitching: Causes mostly harmless

21 October 2017

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A constantly recurring muscle twitching may be annoying. Usually, however, it stops after a while by itself and usually the causes are harmless. Under certain circumstances, muscle spasms can occur as a result of disease.

Depending on the severity muscle twitching can the daily lives of those affected weigh much - or in the case of epilepsy also bring the risk of injury to themselves. Muscle spasms in tic disorders or Tourette's syndrome are often not only unpleasant for the person concerned, they also fall on the environment and often resolve misunderstanding and irritation from.

What is twitching?

As muscle twitching you suddenly referred onset of contractions of the muscles that you can not consciously control. One example is the twitching of the legs falling asleep or an occasional twitch of the eyelid.

Muscle twitching can different degrees his and many different causes have, such as:

In order for a muscle to contract, are nerve impulses necessary to be passed from the brain to the corresponding muscle. When the nerve impulses but overshoots and uncontrolled discharge, caused muscle spasms.

Sometimes eye twitching or muscle twitching sites other than short movement under the skin visible. Here, small muscle bundles draw (so-called. Fascicles) repeated together. Medical use of such fine muscle twitching and the term fasciculations. Fasciculations may occur in the context of neurological disorders or even in completely healthy people (for example, after intensive sports) occur.

This is followed by a physical examination and a neurological examination, in which the doctor checks among other nerves, muscles and reflexes. And electronic measurements may be necessary to find out the causes of muscle twitching. These include, for example,

can depending on the findings further investigations be useful, for example:

For muscle twitching, the therapy depends on the respective reason. Sometimes the discomfort by itself disappear when no disease requiring treatment is behind it.


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