21 October 2017

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Under exhibitionism (lat exhibere. Hold out, offer) refers to a

deviant sexual behavior in which a person's genitals before

other - mostly girls or women - without their consent

showcases. An exhibitionist feels a (sexual) satisfaction and

Satisfaction when he is in front of people exposed in whole or in part.

Exhibitionists usually resort to anyone - the satisfaction they experience in

Shock or injured modesty of their counterparts.

The urge to stand naked on display is compulsively, mostly. are Exhibitionism

it in various forms. Sometimes the exhibitionism is only a

Phase in the life of exhibitionists, for example during adolescence

(Adolescence) or in connection with acute crises, such as conflicts in

the partnership. For other people of exhibitionism is a lifetime.

Some of the mostly male exhibitionists meet during the

Display of their own sex organs, others do not. Mostly they want

no closer contact with their victims.

It is believed that the causes of mental exhibitionism nature.

however clarified clearly they are not so far. Might be due to the

Desire for attention and disorders in terms of interpersonal skills into question.

To treat exhibitionism, then a psychotherapy. prerequisite for

however, is that the person recognizes his behavior as problematic and

is ready to receive appropriate therapy.

Indecent exposure are (under Section 183 of the Penal Code excitement

public nuisance) generally punishable. Repeated public

Exhibition of the genitals is the exhibitionist by law to a

Therapy committed.


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