Circulatory problems: Causes

21 October 2017

Circulation problems very different causes to have. Depending on why the person responsible for the circulation problems low blood pressure (hypotension) has been created, a distinction:

The image shows a pregnant woman. Many pregnant women suffer during pregnancy from circulatory problems due to a drop in blood pressure. © iStock

Circulatory problems in pregnancy are not uncommon. The reason: the hormonal changes, the blood vessels expand, so at eingien pregnant drops in blood pressure.

Circulatory problems often occur in infectious diseases. But inflammation in the body, poisoning, injuries with heavy blood loss, drug abuse or severe hypothermia eligible for circulatory problems as causes into question. In addition, states of shock or psychological disorders can lead to a circulatory disorder. And since, for example, kidney disease or diarrhea affect the salt and fluid balance in the body, they can also cause poor circulation of the so resulting dysfunction of metabolism.

In addition, circulation problems can occur concomitantly in various diseases. These include:

Furthermore, can cause irritation of the vagus nerve (cranial nerve = 10) to circulation problems: In vulnerable people, the blood vessels expand suddenly, as a result decrease heart rate and blood pressure.

Additionally, you experience circulatory problems common in pregnancy. The reason is that the cardiovascular system during pregnancy changed: In pregnant women, the blood volume and heart rate increase; Also, the blood vessels expand, because the hormonal changes to results in the vascular muscles relaxed during pregnancy.


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