DXRACER king series

20 July 2017

DXRACER King Series / K series # 8211; consultation # 038; test

Relatively new is the DXRACER King Series. While it has only put on a racing name and the day reflection of real racing seat value at F and D series, it has now realized that each one gaming chair will call his possession. And not only those who gamble the need for speed and Forza.

Meanwhile, the DXRACER King Series has established itself as the most popular series of DX models.

It has thus been separated from the pure racing moderate terms such as Drifting and Formula to address all gamers groups. The name # 8222; DXRACER King # 8220; alludes in part to the physical proportions, for this chair is suitable. Or. for this chair also suitable is. Because the chair is starting, of course backwards compatible of its maximum load limits.

The facts about the King Series:

DXRACER king series

  • Frame base, pads, rolls & Co. are extremely robust and can carry up to 150kg by the manufacturer.
  • The K-Series is equipped with armrests that can be adjusted by pressing a button in four directions and properly adjusted.
  • Pleasantly soft, adjustable lumbar & Neck Pillow allow individual ergonomic seating position.
  • The King Series meets the highest quality standards, offering my opinion unmatched comfort.
  • Great are the restrained side bolsters that provide sufficient support, but there are not intrusive # 8211; offering more comfort & Clearance for wider gamers.
  • The King is from head to toe generous dimensioned, is particularly wertig and stable and the offer of DXRACER as king of the gaming chairs on.
  • Together with the ProX well as the K-Series classy chairs is my top recommendation and also among the readers very popular!

King Series: appropriate size & mass

DXRACER king series

DXRACER king series

flagship from DXRACER: K-Series

I # 8217; s just hinted: The King Series models are also suitable for heavier and larger gamers. While the manufacturer indicates that the DXRACER chair heights of 180-200cm are suitable, as always found sufficient advice of gamers that are larger or smaller. I carefully sorted: total, one can say that the chair also suitable for gamers actually still, the 170cm-205cm in size. The backrest and seat measurements confirm exactly # 8211; you see, if you keep runterscrollst.

DXRACER king series Price K-series in black at Caseking

DXRACER king series Price K-series in black at Amazon

DXRACER king series

More space at the King!

When DXRACER King Series is so customer opinions has apparently belongs # 8211; because especially broad-built customers have complained about the side parts that protrude on the seating surfaces on the right and left. These have the space for rear severely restricted. There are, however, more generous seating dimensions # 8211; and load limits of up to 150kg. For most of us, the K-Series is therefore very well suited, offering comfort like no other chair.

DXRACER king series Price K-Series in red when Caseking

DXRACER king series Price K-Series in red on Amazon

Other variants of the King Series

The King Series is available in standard colors. Personally, I have opted for the plain black model, but find that the colored versions are also very attractive.

Accessories are also available: The Racing roles of manufacturer are also in the King series. These are much quieter and easier to roll off, so that the soil does not get scratched and you stay not depend on cables. There is a particularly large and comfortable neck pillow in a U shape, which makes for some for a more ergonomic position of the cervical spine and is simply more convenient. Both accessories you'll find in assortment of Caseking # 8211; just follow to one of the buttons.

DXRACER king series

DXRACER king series Price at Caseking

DXRACER king series Price at Amazon

DXRACER king series Price at Caseking

DXRACER king series Price at Amazon

Characteristics of DXRACER King Series

This chair is also suitable for larger and heavier people. But that is not to say that people who are 170cm tall and weigh 70kg to, can not sit comfortably # 8211; on the contrary. I call the DXRACER King Series is compatible. The 200cm and 150kg indicated are just only maximum values. Much below that suits both, as you see above in my size advice to the K-Series.

The models from the K-Series are covered with high quality PU leather, which can shine of suitable quality and breathability. The gas lift, as always TÜV-tested and in collaboration with the massive frame they also keep tidy weight. The backrest can be tilted by up to 135 °. Lumbar and neck cushions are included, of course.

DXRACER king series

The 4-D armrests of King series can be forward / backward, up / down and move outside to the inside / and rotate. The surface is soft and easy on the elbow.

DXRACER king series

To see the customizable cushion K-Series are optimal support the neck and lumbar support. The 85cm high backrest effectively offers a lot of space in width (measured 39cm from the side bolsters) # 8211; just like the seat surface (measured 43cm front, rear 37,5cm).

DXRACER king series

The padding in the King's smooth, the reference robust, elegant and easy to clean. The seat is also even and thus exerts no unpleasant pressure on longer sitting sessions.

DXRACER king series

The 5-point steel base is not only extremely strong, but also a visual eye-catcher. Rubber knobs at the ends provide optimum grip, before leaving the feet on it. The extra large rolls of the K-Series are running low and soil protection.

DXRACER king series

Almost each and also particularly strong and tall people makes this luxury swivel chair an ergonomic seating position.

I tested the King series in detail and even made a video to it. If you want to know whether the King is right for you, then look in here: ▷ DXRACER test

Did judgment to King Series

DXRACER king series

For me, the King is currently among the best gamers chairs on the market. It combines the most important aspects that I value in my tests: The quality is great, the adjustability leaves something to be desired, it can be optimally adapted to the user, even after long periods of sitting very comfortably and looks impressive and noble. You're lying in the range from 170cm to 195cm so you will definitely fit the chair # 8211; even if you bring a few extra kg on the scale. Look at my size advice above and if he zusagst you visually, then grab it. The King Series is completely impressive and worth the money # 8211; I spend many hours a day to it!

DXRACER king series

  • Also great & serious gamers suitable
  • One of the most popular gamer chairs
  • High quality and very comfortable
  • Very flexible settings
  • Here you can find the most attractive offers:

DXRACER King Series / K series # 8211; consultation # 038; test

Relatively new is the DXRACER King Series. While it has only put on a racing name and the day reflection of real racing seat value at F and D series, it has now realized that each one gaming chair will call his possession. And not only those who gamble the need for speed and Forza. Meanwhile, the DXRACER King Series has established itself as the most popular series of DX models. It has thus been separated from the pure racing moderate terms such as Drifting and Formula to address all gamers groups. The name "DXRACER King" alludes in part to the physical proportions, for this chair is suitable. Or.…

Review summary


first thanks for the great buying advice. I ordered then a DXRACER King with fabric / mesh fabric. Anticipate the thing sits perfect for me! Simply brilliant part.
Unfortunately, I have a few things that I have noticed me at my chair where I'm not sure if this is normal and I do not even think you're good.

1. Even if I slightly lean against the backrest and then the lever actuated for adjusting crack it once and you make a jerk backwards. This can be prevented in which you previously lifts the back of the backrest and then pulls the lever only. Then you can adjust the backrest without jerking and cracking. This sucks anyway, is this normal?

2. Even in the lightest support rocker (scroll wheel below) you still need a lot of strength to realtiv paddles, although I am a big strong guy. On max. Level is already leg muscle training 🙂

3. However, the worst is the extreme chemical stench that the chair now secretes since, almost 2 weeks. Have you, or the had her too? is in a chair made in China, makes you look there already again thought to any health hazards or allergens. A Ökotex Siegel (Has any good Kaltschaummatraze) you are looking at gaming chairs but unfortunately in vain. After all, you spend in the chair, too a lot of time. Good chairs made in Germany (when it really that is) are the facilities and shell shape at over 1000 €. A test alá Warentest or Ökotest in terms of the pollutants would sometimes quite interesting. Also, just in the leather chairs certainly very helpful.

4. Have specially selected the fabric variant so that one is not as strong off sticks in the summer and sweats. This has in the class so only DXRACER on offer, or I see this wrong? Maxnomic (which come from the same factory in China) has only leatherette. I would otherwise ProX to try again, but the there are also only in artificial leather. I also can not figure out where produced. Knows that one?

Thank you for your / your answers and experiences

DXRACER king series

the DXRACER King actually does not exist with mesh cover. Have you ordered you this chair: http://amzn.to/2n9CXCI. This is a chair of R or F-Series, the seller has set him wrong. If he otherwise fits you, that would be but not bad. Only a king, it is not just 🙂

to 1. This is actually normal and all chairs.

zu2. I think that's not so normal. So we do not have such problems if we make down the resistance. Now I do not know if it's just your personal feelings, or your chair is actually particularly # 8222; hard # 8220; is.

to 3. We have seen no chemical smell. Although we also have a PU chair, but when the cushion secretes such odors, we would have to smell the yes. So either it is the mesh cover which stink so, or DXRACER has since changed anything.

to4. I do not think the difference between fabric and quality PU is so serious. A compromise would be because the noble chairs EPIC offer. Here the artificial leather was perforated at the contact surfaces, so that the cover can breathe. This should bring a lot. AKRacing also has fabric covers on offer, for example, in prime-Series. Do you find on my side. Maxnomic way, not produced in the same factory as DXRACER 🙂 But of course the chairs resemble. Ultimately, all gaming produce chair manufacturer in China, in the chair prices it's no different # 8211; but is not necessarily bad 🙂

DXRACER king series

thanks for quick feedback. Schade had thought I got a Monday model. Perhaps the PU smells through the mesh fabric simply much more intense. Hab but unfortunately only 14 days to return, therefore, can not and will not wait for the smell.
Well then I will again take the Maxnomic and AK Racer under the microscope. Although I'm almost feel the Maxnomic and DX Racer are very very similar.

As for the mesh fabric, so there is indeed a DXRACER King thus on the German DXRACER website (Series OH / KS11).
Unfortunately, the choice of colors to gray and red is limited:

DXRACER king series

Thank you for your comment, sometimes you do not understand what drives because DXRACER # 8211; formerly the King was once loaded up to 180kg, then was reduced to 150kg and now again to 135kg # 8211; makes me little sense, but right you # 8211; in the German shop it was changed, just like in the US store. I will then modify sometime soon. Although'm pretty sure that even 150kg go # 8211; has finally been no complains # 8211; but if DXRACER says so, I change dear 🙂

DXRACER king series

Hey, thanks for your quick response.

Yesterday I wrote the DXRACER of the US and recently there was a response.

# 8222; The King Series is designed to accomidate a height of up to 6 # 8217; 2 and has a weight capacity of 300 lbs # 8211; 330 lbs. But you do need to be careful with Series like this did offer the race car styling, Because You do not want to be at or over the maximum or it may feel too confining 8220.

So that is probably who I correctly translate (hoffich yet: D) ​​it goes between 300lbs (135kg) # 8211; 330lbs (150kg)

Load capacity: 135kg (. Max 150kg)

DXRACER king series


DXRACER King Series / K series of blockbuster

The DXRACER King Series of DXRACER been targeted since the idea as absolute blockbuster. In addition to a high-quality optics with leatherette cover provides the DXRACER King Series a quality of the upper class and the ergonomics of their equal. On a gaming chair K-series every gamer feels comfortable. Because of his extra large proportions and his high load capacity can he DXRACER King Series be recommended virtually unlimited, our guide.

The key data of DXRACER King Series at a glance:

• Extra large upholstered surfaces
• Continuously adjustable backrest up to 135 ° with special tilt mechanism and Caps Lock
• Stable aluminum hub With BIGWHEELS for easy slip on any surface
4D armrests for the perfect seating position
• upholstery from indestructible cold foam. that can adapt very well to the own body
• Setting of sturdy steel with a capacity of up to 150 kg

Ergonomics and processing of DXRACER King Series

Already the increased load capacity suggests the quality and stability of the King Series. Therefore DX Racer has high outdone itself again, not even the enormous stability is spent at the expense of handling. by extra large rolls the extra weight can nevertheless be playing easy move. all controls are easily accessible as well. Due to the many adjustment options virtually any place on a King Gaming Chair the optimal seating position.

Thanks to memory effect of the cold foam cushion the shape fits perfectly to the body. Although the side cushions provide good support, but do not limit their own legroom. Finally provides together with an extra wide seat real comfort. as well as fuller gamers. The extra large backrest from 85 cm ensures the necessary support effect.
DXRACER king series

Accessories for DX Racer King Series

You can against the standard roles comfortable. very good sliding Inline skate wheels change:

DXRACER king series

✔ Set 5 consisting of roller blade rolls
✔ Universally applicable # 8211; 11 x 22 mm and standard office chairs
✔ polyurethane wheels protect the floor (scratch resistant)
✔ Up to 300 kg load

Conclusion for DX Racer King

The DXRACER King Series offers a real upper class when it comes to gaming chairs. Given the quality and comfort of the price is absolutely justified. One should bear in mind when purchasing that a high-quality Gaming Chair survives many years. Therefore it is worth just in the case of DX Racer King something more to invest. The King Series offers a quality of their equal. Just gamers with a high body weight be at the ergonomic features very enjoy.

* Note to this page: Daily rates / Affiliate Links / pictures are z.T. Amazon

DXRACER king series

DXRACER king series

DXRACER king series

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DXRACER gaming chair, OH / TC29 / N, T-Series, black

This DXRACER is not only adjustable in height and rotated by 360 °. The armrests can be individually adjusted. With a backrest angle of up to 135 ° of the DXRACER can be moved almost in lying position. So a relaxed position is possible by ongoing work. With the stabiln mechanism, the tilt function is activated. The robust hub ensures a solid grip and the five high-quality double security roles for the necessary flexibility at gamers desk.


DXRACER king series

product data

Chair Type: Gaming Chair

Foam padding: high density and longer lasting cold molded foam, ergonomically designed

Frame construction: extremely stable and reinforced steel frame, developed from racing technology

Reference material: Synthetic leather 100% polyurethane

adjustable armrests: 4D adjustable armrests (SP / 0131 / N)

Armauflagenmasse: 26,9cm x 9,9cm

Mechanismusart: specially reinforced mechanism with luffing and locking function (SP / 0204 / N)

Gas spring: 2 gas pressure springs: 100/40 +100/60 SP / 0309 / N + SP / 0310 / N)

Backrest: high backrest to support the head and back better

Adjustable lumbar pillow: Yes, synthetic leather 100% polyurethane

Adjustable headrest: Yes, synthetic leather 100% polyurethane

turnstile: extra wide, aluminum (SP / 0409 / N), black

Roll: 7.5cm rollers (SP / 0704 / N)

Assembly required: Yes

Seat dimensions: approximately 44,5cm (front) / approximately 40.6cm (rear) x 52cm depth

Max armrests. Height: 76.2 cm

Min armrests. Height: 59,7cm

Package dimensions: 101cm x 80cm x 40cm

Warranty period: Lifetime warranty on the metal frame, 2 years for chair parts. This warranty does not apply to:. • Normal wear and tear that can be expected in the course of ownership • Modifications or attachments to the product that were not intended by DXRACER for the product • Products which are not installed in accordance with the product instructions and warnings used. or • damage to the chair were waiting for..

Max. resilience: 205 kg

suitable for Körpergöße to: 2.05 m

recommended load: 100 - 170kg

Recommended Height: 1.80m - 2.05m


DXRACER King Series

Playing until the lights go out

A real freak like you want to play the best round the clock. Since short sequences are fast times to several hours. You know it but only if you are standing for the first time to bring you short something new to drink. Sometimes the transition to a refrigerator fällt then from a little stiff. Here, your game console is at its best.

The joysticks and the other Zubehör you have not let you slouch, but when Rücken- and neck friendly seats lacks a far cry. As a simple desk chair has to do it. Why? Meanwhile, there are also guides for freaks like you the right chair.

Technical specifications

DXRACER king seriesDXRACER king seriesDXRACER king series

incl. 19% VAT. Last updated on: July 20, 2017 5:23

Installation is quick and easy

Have you only time decided to purchase a gaming chair, the choice seems to fall heavily, because the offer is huge groß. This gaming chair installation package comes professionally packaged to your home. For installation you should book a room with plenty of space you are looking for the items are all packaged separately, so that nothing stoßen, flake off or can break. The assembly instructions are enclosed and the gaming chair is build up on the Rückenteil alone. The screws are screwed already in the thread before. So you know which screws always use their müsst. But beware the screws are already greased, so do not bring to the reference that gives unschöne spots that are difficult wegzukriegen.

With the DXRACER King series you play as a König and sits you like an emperor

The DXRACER King series is StГјhlen the all-rounder among Gaming

The King series aims a normal großen player download. You should here no heavier than 150 kg be and not größer than 195cm. The equipment is very großzügig and if the Konfektionsgröße L or XL you fit well you should fühlen fiddle you in the King series. The side padding on the Sitzfläche, in Rücken- and neck are guides for großen Sitzkomport.

Many materials have been developed from the racing technology and are guides for Stabilität and resilience, for example, the steel frame that Elastikbänder or cold foam moldings in which to remember come as in a racing car before. Thank zusätzliche luffing and tilt functions let you play in the individual, optimum seating position. Since the nächste Level mühelos lässt reach.

Precisely fitting seats no matter what the game

The King Series verfГјgt Гјber many chair mechanisms that make the seats are as comfortable as you remember. The slight tilt function, it does not come to an immovable SpielvergnГјgen despite a high seating comfort.

Using the tilt mechanism can mühelos between short position be changed without müssen disrupt the games. If this is too movably betätigt the parking function. The Rückenlehne can up to 135 degrees be adjusted.

Thus, guides for relaxation needs in between times. The armrests can leave be individually adapted to Armlänge and Komfortsitzhöhe and adjusted. Also, the neck pillow can be adjusted to optimum Höhe, providing zusätzliche Stützfunktionen.

No zero 8/15 armchair

The King Series verfГјgt Гјber a groГџes colors range the type are tailored to your. You can find in StГјhle blue-black, black-gray, black, red, orange-black and black-weiГџ .

The material is made of stain-resistant PVC and lässt easy to clean. In their home country USA there are from time to time Special Editions however, are sold out quickly.

The all-rounder gaming StГјhle

Download for gamers who are a little harder in the HГјften, the shoulder area or on the thighs will have their great joy with this chair. Many features can be individually ordered as foam density of the padding or color.

The King series is adjustable by their arms and the exclusive equipment of the race horses from the stable DXRACER.


DXRACER K-Series OH KS06-northwest

Product information "DXRACER K-Series OH KS06-NW"

Of the DXRACER OH / KS06 / NW from the King Series is an elegant eye-catching with a load of 150kg. The stable wide aluminum hub has attractive applications and 7.5cm wide roles. The armrests can be adjusted in height. The multi-functional mechanism allows convenient inclination, the backrest can be adjusted by up to 135 °.

  • Model: OH / KS06 / NW
  • Seat width with side bolsters: about 55 cm
  • straight seat surface (B / T): ca. 40/50 cm
  • Height: 131.5 to 139.5 cm
  • Seat height: about 47-57 cm
  • Depth: 57 cm
  • Backrest side bolsters: about 84.5 x 57.5 cm
  • Material: Easy care artificial leather, 100% polyurethane

Other highlights of the DXRACER K-Series OH KS06-NW:

  • including 1x and 1x lumbar pillow neck pillow
  • height adjustable armrests
  • Stable extra wide aluminum hub with 5 double security roles Ø 7.5cm
  • Features: Adjustable height, high quality comfortable rocking mechanism with locking function in various tilt angles
  • adjustable backrest to 135 degrees
  • Load capacity up to 150kg
  • Tubular steel frame developed from racing technology
  • Designgebung ergonomically

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