elbow pain

21 October 2017

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In elbow pain many different causes are possible, the so-called tennis elbow on osteoarthritis and to bone fractures. The pain in the elbow can range and a light pull up to debilitating pain be accompanied by unpleasant feelings such as tingling.

The elbow is made of the elbow joint, which with the two forearm bones the humerus (humerus) - ulna and - connecting. Sometimes also referred to the protruding arm flexion at a part of the ulna, the olecranon when the elbow.

Thanks to the elbow joint can man his arm bend and stretch and turn the forearm and the hand. In addition to the bone, the elbow joint is composed of different joint structures such as:

They stick together the joint and ensure that the movements take place smoothly. If there is pain in the elbow, one or more of these structures are usually damaged.

Facts about elbow pain

can elbow pain throughout different causes have that cause mild to severe pain.

The elbow joint is often heavily used, both in daily activities (for example, when carrying shopping bags) and playing sports (such as tennis or golf). Often elbow pain due to make wrong strains and injuries noticeable. Even if the arm was immobilized long, for example, by a cast for a broken bone, can cause pain in the elbow.

The elbow pain can suddenly (acute) or permanent (chronic) occur. Elbow pain express themselves through depending on the cause pushing, pulling or stabbing pain in the area of ​​the elbow. In addition, there often comes a limited mobility or an inflammatory swelling. Sometimes the elbow feels warm.

In elbow pain, the therapy depends mainly on the Cause of the pain. Acute elbow pain after short-term miscarriage or overload often disappear all by themselves. Under certain circumstances - for example, when tennis elbow - are necessary ointment bandages or a plaster splint to set the arm or the elbow joint calm.

Whether it makes more sense for your elbow pain, to save the arm temporarily or move and whether heating or cooling are better depends on the cause. Discuss this with your doctor. Depending on any trouble he prescribed medication for elbow pain and / or a possible inflammation.


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