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21 October 2017

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The diaper dermatitis is an error occurring in the region of diaper rash inflammatory (= dermatitis skin inflammation). Such a wonderful Po occurs at least once in almost every baby. This is because the skin in the diaper area ever comes into contact with urine and feces, making it irritated quickly.

A diaper rash develops due to several factors. plays an important role ammonia from the urine: If the diaper since a while full, this acrid gas from the included urinary urea splits off, irritate the skin and attacks its natural acid mantle.

The permanent skin irritation and the pressure prevailing in the diaper humid climate favor colonization by bacteria and fungi, mainly due to the yeast Candida albicans. Therefore, a diaper rash is often associated with an infection.

typical sign for the diaper dermatitis are inflammatory symptoms such as redness, swelling and exuding skin as well as vesicles, pustules, crusts and dandruff, which propagate from the buttocks toward genitals, lower abdomen, and inner thighs and poorly heal in the humid air diaper.

In addition, the wetting can cause severe pain when a diaper rash. In a particularly severe diaper rash is also the pimples or blisters of the rash and begin to open to bleed.

Wickelkinder from a diaper rash are mainly affected. However, a sore butt can also in adults form, the wear diapers due to a urinary incontinence or anal incontinence.

A baby with diaper rash. (© Neufried / OKAPIA) © Okapia

A baby with diaper rash. (© Neufried / OKAPIA)

The used against diaper rash treatment aims primarily to keep the skin dry: Change frequently the diapers and use a rash cream, anti-inflammatory ointments or pastes or powders. Attention: Babies may breathe the powder dust in any case! If your child is prone to diaper rash, it is advisable to use a preventative already Wundschutzcreme.


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