20 July 2017

DXRACER Iron Series / I series

The DXRACER Iron Series is how the K-series, new to the gaming chair market. The name Iron which to German # 8222; Iron # 8220; means already makes for a massive impression # 8211; I had directly Robert Downey and the film Iron Man think. Well, at least the Iron Series is brand new, looks cool and # 8230;

# 8230; it is addressed to all gamers # 8211; including the slightly larger and wider built among them.

It has been noticed that gamers like you're one who not only want to have any chair. We want chairs that fit our height and above all to our weight # 8211; our body proportions indicated. Directly but also the Note: Larger product dimensions not to say that only stable people find cozy place. I'd chairs # 8222; backward compatible # 8220; call. Even for 70kg they are damn comfortable.

The DXRACER Iron Series is with its dimensions between King and F / D / R series.

DXRACER Iron Series # 8211; size & mass



The Iron-Series DXRACER

The DXRACER Iron models I recommend actually all gamers who have built normal or wider. This DXRACER chair is for body sizes of 180-200cm by the manufacturer. Informs you in gamer circles and read articles and product reviews, pulling at the same time nor the extent of the backrest, seat height and should, you know: Here comes even more. One can say overall that the size range is just like the King here: Are you not less than 170cm and not greater than 205cm, you have a chair here that suits you # 8211; assuming you do not weigh as 130kg. The exact product dimensions you'll find below.

DXRACER iron Price of Iron Series at Caseking

DXRACER iron Price of Iron Series at Amazon

Finally wider seats for Iron Series

One has to rely again on Customer Reviews on this model # 8211; You must have heard many times that the side panels on the seating surfaces disrupt and restrict the seat strongly # 8211; and thus is often impossible even for normal built a comfortable seat. Where the seats otherwise are usually only 37.5 cm wide, we have generous 44cm available here. This makes the chair a lot more comfortable than its previous series.

Design is always ultimately a matter of taste. One person likes the gaming swivel chair rather gaudy red, blue or green, the other like # 8217; s rather simple. Here I show you a small selection. But these are not all the models out there. There are other colors. So if nothing here for you is then determined in the respective stores. Caseking, for example, actually quite well equipped.

The best from the DXRACER Iron Series


DXRACER iron Price at Amazon

DXRACER iron Price at Caseking

This chair also allows for larger and wider gamers a ergönomisches seats. But the average gamer statuierte comes here fully at its expense.

Alternatives to DXRACER I-Series

At the moment there are hardly any gaming chairs that can be compared to this one # 8211; because there's been such models, suitable for slim-normal people and those that are suitable for stable people # 8211; but here we have a gamer chair. perfect for normal built up slightly thicker people because the seat with 44cm wider than the typical 37.5 cm is.

But you do not like the DXRACER Iron Series, you can access even to the following models: On the one hand there is a AKRacing chair. namely AKRacing ProX Series # 8211; here the seat surface is also 44cm wide. The backrest is in Iron with the seat surface together 94cm high, when ProX are 96cm and 150kg load. So almost the same.

Otherwise you, is still open to take another DXRACER chair # 8211; Here I speak of DXRACER King Series . Here are the product dimensions more generous and the maximum weight is 150kg. The best would be if you simply try out my size consultant # 8211; so you really can find a chair that fits perfectly to you:


About Tjorven


Hi, my name is Tjorven Lundgren and am the author of this guide! I was myself long as a professional CS 1.6 players go work today in the media industry. In the years as a professional I have developed an awareness of good gaming chairs and eSports circles everyone today has one. Why a good gaming chair is important so and why you need one learn it on this site!


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Is there a difference in the hardness of the cushion between the Iron- and King series?


This is not expected. I would say that the pillows are the same for the brand DXRACER all. I have now the king here and F, D, K and other series sample sat and there was no difference noticeable.
I can not imagine quite me that different foams are used # 8211; I guess for all the chairs provided by the same supplier foam.

Hope you could help that. )


So currently I do not have # 8222; Gaming # 8220; - executive chair, but an office chair # 8222; overweight # 8220 ;, since I myself am 1.98m tall and weighing a correspondingly large amount. But even this executive chair that should be apparently designed for 120kg here falls apart more or less. Self-assembly was a disaster and the brackets to the sides have been a joke.

I am writing this in the comment section, I see no function how to write someone directly for advice. Most gaming chairs that are listed here have hard plastic armrests and I doubt that it feels good when I then times 12h should play at a time.

Is there any brand rational or intelligent chairs for people created that are large and therefore do not have to give up comfort? I had that I can lean my head not make the chair has managed what looks here afterwards as there would be that, for but smears are made somewhere else. In an emergency, I'm making as well as self-pad on it, but there's really no one clever chairs for tall people make? The advice here on this page, # 8230; choosing chairs over 1.95 and the highest as indicated one are chairs to 1.95 # 8230 ;. And none of it goes over 120 kilos, as obs what sick would be if you're looking as a bodybuilder or as Overweight the chair, and is larger than 1.95? Can you recommend something or advise? As you may know I'm a bit desperate as far as the topic # 8230 ;.


then I would recommend that you speak to 14.07. waiting # 8211; from then on the ICON-Series comes: http://gaming-stuhl.de/noblechairs-icon/ # 8211; load the EPIC Series suited to 150kg and as for larger people. I could see the chair not yet tested, but the EPIC # 8211; and the quality in classy chairs is very good. So that you will be satisfied surely. But best you order before ever, otherwise the delivery time could again move significantly backward.



DXRACER Iron OH / IF11 Gaming Chair - Black / Red

"DXRACER Iron OH / IF11 Gaming Chair - Black / Red"

In DXRACER is world's one of the largest, most professional and most experienced provider of office and gaming chairs. Originally, the brand from the automotive parts and racing industry where DXRACER well-known manufacturers such as OMP or MOMO supplied originates. Meanwhile, the DXRACER products are exported all over the world and have the company thanks to strict quality control (ISO9001) and multiple innovations introduced an excellent reputation.

More recently, DXRACER always more into go into the PC and gaming area and stands out there - after many years of advanced development - the experiences in racing area full on, as with certified Racing Seats that meet the FIA ​​safety standards. serves to strengthen the comprehensive, new profile and DXRACER supports a number of international e-sports events. But even apart from Chairs gaming is broadly with a wide range of accessories and comfortable office chairs DXRACER.

All gaming chairs have in common but that has flowed understanding for maximum comfort and ergonomics. For if the principles of ergonomics in the design of a chair were taken into account, such are. B. workflows more efficient and even the working environment can improve noticeably. And of course by avoiding wrong sitting increases better health overall productivity sustainably. Whether in the office, in addition to the next-gen console or in front of the gaming machine: Function and elegance of DXRACER chairs are almost unrivaled!

The gaming chairs from the Iron series (short: I-series) are slightly smaller than the top models of the King series, but larger than the gaming Chairs of the racing series. The DXRACER-Iron-Series is equipped with additional padding and an adjustable in four directions armrest. The variant of the Iron swivel chair offered here comes with a black-red leatherette upholstery of the seat and backrest on a soft, durable upholstery in cold foam, which in turn is supported by a sturdy steel tube frame. To increase the longevity and visual accents DXRACER has fitted side panels with black and red leather. The backbone of about 32 kg seats rested on an aluminum base with 5 double security roles.

The extra-high back of DXRACER Iron with the handmade logo can provide up to 135 degrees to the rear, wherein the angle between the backrest and seat is adjustable and in any intermediate position. By gas lift also the seat height of the black and red I-series chair within a margin of 7 cm can adapt to their own needs and the use or the desk. The user's weight should not exceed 130 kg when DXRACER Iron.

a tilt mechanism with locking function and even adjustable armrests in the DXRACER Iron are integrated for the final touches of comfort and customization. They can be easily adapted to the desired height and protect when properly adjusted in pain in the arm and hand that can occur through the continued use of the computer mouse while playing or working. In addition to the Gaming Seat DXRACER currently donated also a free pillow and a height-adjustable lumbar cushion to support the spine.

Technical details:

  • Overall height (with base): approximately 132 to 139 cm
    Height from bottom seat surface (base): about 38 - 45 cm
    Height of upper edge of the seat (base): about 48 - 55 cm
    Backrest Height: about 84 cm
    Wide backrest inside: about 30 cm (shoulder) / 33 cm (lumbar region)
    Wide backrest outside (widest point): 57 cm
    Wide seat inside: about 33 - 40 cm
    Wide seat outer (widest point): about 55 cm
    Depth seat area: about 51.5 cm
    Total Depth (without base): about 57 cm
  • Weight: 32 kg
  • Material: steel (frame), aluminum (base), cold foam (padding), artificial leather (Reference)
  • Color: Black, Red
  • Maximum load: 130 kg
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years
  • features:
    Easy-care synthetic leather cover
    Flexible seat height
    Synchronous mechanism with locking function
    Tilt (up to 12 degrees)
    Adjustable backrest angle (up to 135 degrees)
    Padded armrests with height adjustment rotation
    Incl. a head and a vertically adjustable lumbar cushion
    Column with Pulsometers
    Stable steel frame
    Aluminum base with 5 double security roles

Learn more about "Iron DXRACER OH / IF11 Gaming Chair - Black / Red"

Series Iron main Color Black accent color red material seat cover artificial leather Adjustable backrest yes Adjustable armrests yes maximum loading 126-155 kg 32-34 kg Seatbeltguide yes deepest seat position (adjustable) from 40 to 49 cm Highest seat position (adjustable) from 50 to 59 cm tilt (seat) yes wide seat inside 30 to 34 cm wide seat outer (widest point) from 55 to 59 cm length of seat 50 to 54 cm height backrest 80 to 89 cm wide back inside 30 to 34 cm width backrest outside (widest point) from 55 to 59 cm total height ( with basis) from 130 to 139.9 cm pillows included yes yes lumbar cushion including overall depth (base) 50 to 59 cm aluminum base material

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The DXRACER Iron Series / I series for Big-gamer

Ergonomics and processing

The Iron-Series is primarily aimed at by DXRACER greater Gamer. With a recommended weight of ca. 70 to 130 kg and a height of 170 to about 205 cm should eventually almost everyone to sit comfortably in it. Especially the frame together with the Aluminum hub acts very stable and stehts gives a solid impression. The extra large wheels ensure a smooth slide on virtually any surface and the padding adapts perfectly to your body to. thanks Memory effect but the material always returns to its original position, and therefore does not get tired. Although the side cushions provide good support, but do not limit their own legroom. With a seat width of 44 cm is real comfort. for fuller gamers. The extra large backrest of 85 cm ensures the necessary support effect.

The Iron-Series offers a DXRACER real upper class when it comes to gaming chairs. The price is completely justified given the quality and comfort. One should bear in mind that when purchasing a high-quality Gaming Chair for many years survives. Therefore, it is worth it just in case of DXRACER Iron Series spend a little more.

* Note to this page: Daily rates / Affiliate Links / pictures are z.T. Amazon





DXRACER Iron (I series): Buyer's guide

"I am Man Iron! "Already sang Ozzy Osbourne,"I am Iron Series "Can claim DXRACER now: With the new DXRACER Iron series, the renowned manufacturer of gaming chairs has thrown a top model on the market that can be seen. A very good quality and high stability make him a good alternative for all those who possibly with the Formula # 8211; have flirted or Drifting series. Whether the DXRACER Iron is the best gaming chair for you, we show you this guide!

Who is the Iron series is suitable?

Although the DXRACER "Iron Series "Is you have to be one, to be suitable for him not Iron. That is the important point in your purchase decision: Each DXRACER is suitable for a certain height and a certain body weight. Depending on you should select the perfect DXRACER for you, followed by the matching for you equipment and design. The DXRACER Iron series is suitable for the following gamers:

DXRACER Iron: Height


For the Iron series, the height is indicated with a fairly narrow margin: It is optimized for gamers with a Size of 1.75m to 1.85m. However, is important: This is just a guideline. Also gamers outside this range can easily feel at home on the DXRACER Iron. For this, the high back, and the additional cushion for additional ergonomic padding provides. But: If you are 2.00m tall, it may should be better access to King series.

DXRACER Iron: Weight


This is the big advantage of DXRACER Iron: By the more stable construction and the thicker aluminum base it is suitable for much heavier gamers than, say, the Formula Series or Drifting series. Gamer with a Weighing up to 150kg can easily find a place on the DXRACER Iron, without the material of which is overstretched.

DXRACER Iron: basic equipment

The DXRACER Iron series is fairly new, yet it combines the typical features of each DXRACER:


DXRACER Iron Series

If you have to work on computers a lot or zockst much on the computer, then in addition to the best computer hardware is also a good gamer chair particularly important.

A bad gamer chair will have a bad effect on your overall posture, fatigue and exhaustion symptoms occur faster. In addition, can lead to the wrong chair also cause permanent damage to your body sitting for long periods.

Therefore you should like for a gamer chair decide with a perfect ergonomics, which is designed for long gaming sessions. The convenience is further enhanced by a perfect fit and diverse settings. All this you can find in the gaming chair DXRACER Iron Series .

Technical specifications


incl. 19% VAT. Last updated on: July 20, 2017 7:05

Have you decided on a gaming chair from the house DXRACER, so it goes after purchase to the assembly of this. For all gaming chairs out of this house assembly is kept more or less the same.

a detailed assembly Instructions is in the delivery of each gaming chair from the Iron series attached. out in detail, it is not only in writing but it is also enriched with images for easy to pitch.

Of course, the installation instructions are held in German. There is no need for additional tools for installation, because this is included. The assembly can be done easily alone. However, a second person can be quite helpful in this regard. For the construction of the gaming chair You have to reckon with a time window of 20 to 30 minutes.

If you need next to the assembly instructions in written and pictorial form or helping build so you scannst using your smartphone to thereon QR code and so will be taken on a detailed installation video.


For the best ergonomics. perfectly adapted to Your height the gaming chair from the Iron series offers a wide variety of settings.

Important for correct sitting is the seat height. So that it can be easily adapted to your body size, the gaming chairs of Iron series offer a height adjustment from 47 cm to 57 cm. The settings are made here continuously.

Also, a continuous adjustability provides the backrest which extends from 90 degrees to 135 degrees can be adjusted. This already provides almost a perfect reclining position. On a positive note in this gaming chair, adjustable even the armrests in height and thus can be adapted exactly to your body size.

He still has a tilt function and cushions in the head and in the lumbar region, there must be particularly high in these areas of comfort. These can be mounted by means of a rubber band and removed. In addition, an individual adjustment and shift of this problem.

pass options

If you are perfectly built, so you go with the Gaming chair from the Iron Series too narrow seat perfectly out of the way. The chairs from the Iron series offers you as owner with his seat of whole 44 cm enough space, do not feel evaporated so even wider humans.

Contrary to other gaming chairs, which often offer only a back height of about 79 cm, you can find all the 84 cm in height at the gaming chair from the Iron series. Thus, even tall people until 2.00 m height. sitting comfortably on this.

However, it is also perfect for you if you're only 170 cm tall. And even if you bring a little more weight on the scale, the gaming chair from the Iron series is exactly the right one for you. Designed he is in fact a Body weight up to 135 kg .

The gaming chairs from the house DXRACER are available in different colors. This includes the Black / red, black / black, black / blue, black / green and black / white. They are found with 4D armrests. with a multifunctional mechanism, and with a reinforced rocker function. The large aluminum hub is also held in the color of the chair.

The gaming chairs from the Iron series is absolutely ideal for dragons as well as for the office at home. They offer a high degree of comfort by the many adjustment also during prolonged sitting. Due to the stable steel frame and the indestructible cold foam moldings they are very robust and offer a long service life.

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