Muscle injuries: Symptoms

21 October 2017

Typical of muscle injuries (usually strong) Pain and movement restrictions. The extent of the symptoms that you experience depends on the severity Injury from.

Harmless muscle injuries in the form of micro-injuries of the muscle fibers (so-called. aching) Never have to directly during sports noticeable, but only after a certain time (Usually after a few hours). The case sometimes severe pain can to one week last for. In addition, one or more muscles because of the pain may be movable only severely limited. Under certain circumstances, sore muscles may reduce the maximum force a muscle by up to 30 percent.

Slight muscle injury in the form of a muscle strain make suddenly noticeable: A strain causes cramping, severe pain and lugged muscle is now unable to move because the muscle fibers are extremely overstretched. However, such an injury is only microscopically visible. The pain and restriction of movement in a muscle strain can from one day to several weeks last for.

Muscle injuries in which Muscle fibers torn partially or completely are solved sudden and violent symptoms out. Here, hamstring muscle tear and differ according to the severity Injury:

In both muscle injury - the torn muscle and the hamstring - formed as a further symptom after a short time bruise (Hematoma). developed this also outside the muscle fascia, it is after a short time from the outside conspicuous.

For muscle injuries resulting from bruises are the symptoms compared to a muscle tear large area. The (of the muscle bruise called. Pferdekuss) Affected area is painful strong. After a certain time, a large bruise could lead to bruised and torn muscle fibers.


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