Muscle pain (myalgia): typical causes

21 October 2017

come for muscle pain (myalgia) many different causes question. Common reasons are for stabbing, convulsive and pulling muscular sensations

Less common stick Diseases of the muscles (Muscle inflammation or inflammatory diseases) or diseases of the nervous system behind the pain.

Muscle pain (myalgia) have their roots often in a Muscle tension (myogelosis): Here, the Voltage state (tone) increases in muscle - by the muscle is shortened and feels hard. This condition is referred to as Muscle myogelosis.

The muscles or muscle groups affected by muscle tension are palpable as painful nodules or bead and can not be completely massage away. Often are muscle pain caused by muscle tension following causes:

In the long run , a muscular tension not only cause muscle pain, but also the Cause of persistent headaches and a shoulder-arm syndrome be.

Muscle pain (myalgia) in the form of aching have as causes minor injuries (micro injuries) in the muscle fibers. these arise by overexertion for example during sport. The pain in the muscles usually disappeared within a few days and leave no lasting damage.

Usually occurs soreness when someone after a long break from training again exerts an exercise or unaccustomed physical strain. But even well-trained athletes can feel the harmless muscle pain after exercise: Possible causes are, for example, new patterns of movement as a new gymnastic exercise into question.

Muscle pain (myalgia) than often causes muscle cramps based. When a muscle spasm of the muscle pain occurs very violently and suddenly. Trigger can be a magnesium deficiency be. To a magnesium deficiency leads often by strong physical strain - for example during sport - because: Through sweating, the body loses magnesium. at more frequent Muscle cramps, other diseases as reasons for the seizures in question are, for example liver disease.

Comparatively rare muscle pain caused by Diseases affecting the muscle itself. As causes of muscle pain caused by muscle disorders come as a Muscle inflammation (myositis) and non-inflammatory muscle disease being:

Even diseases not directly affecting muscles themselves, are eligible as causes of muscle pain. Thus, in Diseases of the central nervous system (= Brain and spinal cord) muscle pain often: Possible causes for aching muscles, for example, Parkinson's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or post-polio syndrome. Furthermore, Diseases that affect the skeleton and other organs, be trigger of muscle pain. In such cases, however, the actual cause of the pain is in the institution itself. Sufferers interpret the pain misdiagnosed as muscle pain or develop muscle tension, which they perceive as muscle pain. Examples of this are:

Also various toxins (toxins) and drugs come as a trigger for muscle pain being: For one such as alcohol and heroin can trigger associated with the death of tissue muscle disease with muscle pain. Secondly, many drugs cause more or less severe muscle pain as unwanted side effects. For example,


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