Muscle pain (myalgia)

21 October 2017

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But even in the thigh or upper arm there are often muscle pain - such as sore muscles after a muscle bruise or a muscle strain. Plug light muscle injuries behind the pain, they sound after some time mostly by itself again.

The causes of muscle pain are very different: In individual cases, myalgia can also be signs of illness - for example, a so-called fibromyalgia. It is a chronic disorder that causes muscle pain all over my body. The causes of fibromyalgia are unknown. 

There are other diseases that can lead to muscle pain, for example,  

which the treatment consists of muscle pain depends on its cause. Therefore, there is at the myalgia most important step is the original Cause of pain out. Subsequently, the physician can take appropriate therapeutic measures.

The two most common causes of muscle pain - muscle injuries and muscle tension - The following is particularly important: Let the muscle injury heal before you stress the muscle in question again (that is, for example, a sufficiently long break from training load). Against muscle tension you should take action early, as they should be treated well in the early stages - otherwise it can be chronic.

Sudden and violent (i.e. acute) Muscle pain have - like all pain - a Warning and protective function. Once the triggering stimuli are removed, an acute myalgia sounds off quickly. Permanent (or chronic) Muscle pain, however, can one a disease in represent.

Also preventive everyone can do much against myalgia: Such a true healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and relaxation as a helpful remedy for muscle pain.


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