Semen (sperm analysis)

21 October 2017

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A semen analysis is the result of a semen analysis. The
Evaluation of the semen analysis can, for example, show whether a
Fertility poor quality or
an insufficient amount of
Sperm (sperm)
responsible for.

The semen analysis is the
main method for assessing male
(Fertility). Therefore, the unsuccessful
Attempt of pairs a
induce pregnancy,
common reason for semen analysis (sperm).
Besides spermiograms also come to a
Male sterilization (so-called.
vasectomy) Are used to check whether the interference
was successful and the ejaculate really no longer contains sperm: To
this purpose is a semen analysis six and twelve weeks after the
Operation sense.

When semen analysis one examines the
Number (or density), and sperm motility in the

In addition, we examine the semen, the
Shape (morphology) of the sperm in the semen:
Normal, mature sperm are composed of an oval
head, of the nucleus and thus the
DNA containing a
Neck and middle piece and a
tail. You are movable independently the egg
reach to, and contains its head
Enzymes that help them the egg case
can penetrate.

Besides normally shaped sperm also shows a
normal semen analysis always a
certain number of malformed and immature sperm. If the
However, sperm examination
increasingly abnormal forms, this is called

In addition to the properties of the sperm can be in semen
PH value,
Sugar content and viscosity
(Viscosity) of the sperm
determine. Also the
Colour or possible
in finding the
Semen analysis can to changes in semen
point out.


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