Vitamin B12 (cobalamin): Vitamin B12 deficiency

21 October 2017

As risk groups of vitamin B12 deficiency also apply

On very pronounced vitamin B12 deficiency shows the following symptoms that can be attributed partly to anemia and partly on damaged nerves:

The suspicion of a vitamin B12 deficiency can arise due to the symptoms; If the defect can be detected by a blood test.

A vitamin B12 deficiency requires Therapy, the vitamin B12 stores replenish to normalize blood formation and cause no further damage to nerves and other organs. This is done usually (at least initially) in the form of vitamin B12 injections, or by the use of vitamin B12 as a capsule or tablet. Depending on the cause of the defect, the artificial supply of vitamin B12 for years to can be life-long sense.


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