Glaucoma (glaucoma) – usually the result an elevated intraocular pressure

21 October 2017

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A glaucoma attack (acute glaucoma) requires immediate therapy. First, the doctor cuts in this medical emergency eye pressure of the person concerned using drugs. Following an operation takes place. Immediate treatment promises good chances of recovery in general. Left untreated, a glaucoma can lead to blindness.

An innate (congenital) glaucoma always surgically treated.

The treatment of secondary glaucoma depends on the Underlying cause off about a different disease. This doctor should be treated first. For the secondary glaucoma even otherwise suitable, in principle, the same treatment as in primary open angle glaucoma. Primarily the doctor so prescribes eye drops against the increased intraocular pressure.

German Society of Ophthalmology Society of Ophthalmology informed on the subject eye.


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