Iodine: Iodine-containing foods

21 October 2017

Virtually all foods contain iodine. However, since very little is in the soil in Germany and particularly in the southern regions of the trace element, and the iodine content of common foods here is naturally rather low.

strongly iodine-containing foods are found primarily in the ocean. Very good Jodlieferanten are

Also milk and milkproducts contain iodine. but to significantly iodinated food they count only since the feed of dairy cows increased iodized mineral mixtures are buried.

Cereals and cereal products are more jodarm by nature. Therefore, it is recommended to buy bread with iodized salt was produced.

Algae and seaweed are also among the very iodinated food. For some species store the iodine, which accumulates in sea water. Depending on the type of algae, the iodine content may be between 5 micrograms and 11,000 micrograms per gram dry weight vary.

Therefore, caution shouldEven if you only eat very small amounts of algae, you can recommended for adults fast maximum daily intake of 500 micrograms of iodine significantly exceed. Such a excess of iodine may eventually lead to health problems. So it is not recommended, to satisfy the daily iodine requirement on the consumption of algae.


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