20 July 2017

DXRACER Tank Series / T-Series

Brand new and now the DXRACER Tank Series is finally available in Germany. Like the name # 8222; Tank # 8220; suggests (to German tanks), it will be here to be a model for larger and heavier gamers. As the chair looks like you see below. One can ever say it's big.

The chair can carry up 227kg # 8211; making it the most powerful model in the history of DXRACER.

Names like Drifting or Formula, the more appeal to the racing scene, one no longer uses for the new generations of gaming chairs long # 8211; as with the DXRACER Iron Series or even the DXRACER King Series fits you the names now to the target groups for which the gamer chair is particularly suitable.

DXRACER Tank Series # 8211; size & mass





DXRACER Germany Show Tank Series at Amazon

DXRACER T-Series: tanks under the Gaming Chairs

This gaming chair with its product dimensions an absolute specialty. Especially is mainly that such a large margin can be provided for appropriate heights here. This is possible because two gas lift are included when purchasing a DXRACER Tank Series # 8211; a smaller gamers and one for larger gamers. Through this brilliant idea the tank Series is suitable for particularly large number of gamers. Thanks to the very generous dimensions of the seat but I really recommend this gaming PC chair rather broader Gamer # 8211; very slim people would probably lose this powerful model.

Maximum space? Tank!

Meanwhile, the manufacturers are always consistent with our wishes # 8211; the desire of gamers # 8211; on. In previous models, many people have the same problems with the too-tight seat, but such problems are a thing since King and Iron the past. The DXRACER Tank Series has significantly more generous dimensions, as both models. Let's look at me, what distinguishes the tank Series.


Characteristics of DXRACER Tank Series

What makes the tank Series so special? Compared with the Racing Series.

  • The armrests are 20% higher
  • The base is made of aluminum and has a 20% larger diameter.
  • Instead of 2 # 8243; wheels there are three # 8243; wheels # 8211; So about 30% more.
  • The cushion is 20% thicker.
  • 2 gas lifts are included, which can be interchanged.

Furthermore Pricing for DXRACER Tank Series is the pad used: According DXRACER is here to HDF padding, so high-density foam, as well as the SL4000. High density foam means foam or polyurethane foam with high density. High density foam retains its shape much longer than lower density foam. The manufacturer even promises that the cold foam used never changes, will never be worn-out and always retains its shape. He is also environmentally friendly.

The new T-series is available exclusively in PU leather versions. With fabric covers it is not yet available.


Buying guides office chair / gaming chair DXRACER F08 P / L ratio?

Hi I'm looking for a new PC-chair. Which should be as convenient as possible and do not cost more than 300 €. Best for gaming optimized with a high back (for 185cm appropriate) I have already looked at my DXRACER F08 but I'm not sure if that's the right thing. Or are such chairs completely overpriced and one for half tuts? So I control exposure about 25 hours a week on it. Should also keep mindestes a few years!

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About Your Gamer - chair

With a seating duration of 25 hours per week would provide less demanding for a normal office chair. The problem with a gaming chair, however, that can last for several hours in a row the sessions. In addition, the person takes a static posture while playing depending on the voltage long time. For this, spine and muscles are not designed. Pain and at worst damage to the spine can result if the chair does not fit! When working that can happen, but with less fun physical feeling a little better.

The chair has a TÜV - seal, which is not bad in general. Shanghai office - the certificate from TÜV Süd was issued. However, the certificate only confirms that of compliance with the standards under EN 1335-3. Under this standard, the pure security requirements are checked. These are, for example, stability and rolling resistance, actually compulsory for each office chair. Test conditions and test equipment and test methods and the test report are regulated by this standard.

The MOT - certificate confirms four points. The fulfillment of the requirements for the tilting forward and over the corners and to the side as well as the backward tilting for chairs without backrest angle has been confirmed. However, the backrest can go on lying position. Stability is then surely no longer be guaranteed. That is - with severe upper body to do might very fast departure back!

can be found one - not certified the measurements under the EN 1335 are. The seat height is, for example, with a lower level of 465 mm very high! In office work chairs according to the above-mentioned standard, a standard seat height is prescribed 420 to 530 mm. It is possible that here but also the non-established level. With "old-established" the height is meant under load of 640 N with a standard seat dummy.

and the manufacturer is clear from the certificate. This is the company Jangyin Dexin Auto Parts (Chair) Co.Ltd. It is a pure exporter. Where exactly in China this chair is made, can not be found out.

The armrests are height adjustable according to the manufacturer. For use as a gamer chair the so-called 3D armrests are absolutely necessary.

Softpad - rest is good, but not a quality characteristic. Ifs goes badly, it pushes the rest broken with the desk bottom edge when you push the chair under the table.

Tilt mechanism and synchronous mechanism is not the same. In a synchronous mechanism seat and backrest can be brought independently of one another in the correct position. In this tilt mechanism probably only the back moves. This explains how the colossal opening angle comes to pass.

The warranty is 24 months. Although this is great - but what about service and complaints? The company DX - Racer Germany sits in Poland. Although but the site has a contact address is not a valid imprint on and also gives no indication of service. The warranty is given by the EU - Directive 1999/44 / EC of the European Parliament and the Council stipulated, and must not be less than two years from the sale of goods - then the 24-month warranty gone, the content of which is indeed nowhere described.

The DXRACER F08, like all DXRACER chairs under gamers cult status. It is better to look for a high-quality office swivel chair of a brand manufacturer, the ergonomically corresponds to the highest demands of Gamers is. Only without pain, tension and lack of quality is guaranteed of fun! The value for money the price is +19.99 Returns rather at the upper limit for a chair from China with 249.- Euro. The explanation is, of course, with the cult status. An office swivel chair by a brand manufacturer is more expensive, but remains a typically 6-10 years faithful. Many manufacturers already provide a guarantee of 10 years.

More about the workings of a good office chair can be found at http://www.the-perfect-office.de/buerodrehstuhl-richtig-kaufen/. Under the heading office also works, guarantee and warranty and agency approvals are explained. There are also cheap office chairs in high quality.

Good luck and have fun searching!

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For each generated about your website order you will receive 4.00% commission of the net value of the goods. Our affiliate program is characterized mainly by the following points:

  • high average order value of 300 €
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DXRACER has 12 years experience and is very well known in the market. The cool swivel chairs are especially popular in the gaming industry. With flair for design, appearance and safety, these chairs are on the German market leader in gaming chairs.

DXRACER was founded of 2003. The company started as a manufacturer of high-quality sports seats for racing cars. Here, the focus was always on a solid quality management. With innovative business ideas, the company became the global market leader among automotive suppliers. After years of innovation, development and research, the range was expanded to include computer gaming chairs and stools. Today, the constant pursuit of quality and design allows gamers as well as racers appreciate the products. Continuously, the focus is on ergonomic design to support a health-conscious computing. DXRACER is an advocate health-conscious life in work environments and constantly strives to develop products that increase the quality of life. DXRACER is a partner known professional gaming teams such as Fnatic and presence at major international events like MLG, UMG, WCG, IEM, LCS, DREAMHACK, UMG and many more and a registered trademark in many countries.

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