Basal Cell Carcinoma: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

21 October 2017

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How does a basal cell carcinoma developed?
Excessive UV radiation damages the genetic material (DNA) of the so-called basal cells of the epidermis and of certain skin cells in the hair root. This DNA damage can lead to that the cells to multiply uncontrollably. This results in tumors, called the medics as basal cell carcinomas.

Often, a basal cell carcinoma begins as a few millimeters large gray-white skin thickening. Without treatment, it grows over a period of several months or even years up to be an ulcer that destroys deeper tissue such as cartilage and bone tissue. However, basal cell carcinoma rarely form secondary tumors (metastases) in the body. Therefore, physicians call them semi-malignant, so "semi-malignant",

the person concerned leaves the basal cell carcinoma on time and completely remove, is a complete cure possible. It is important that the dermatologist the affected area after the completion of treatment checked regularly. Both in the field of surgical scar and a completely different place new basal cell carcinomas can occur.

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