Testicular Cancer: Early signs and symptoms typical

21 October 2017

The main testicular cancer symptoms are typically in the fact that one on the balls painless, predominantly unilateral swelling or induration forms, which is slowly increased. Mostly the men involved themselves or their partners or partners who palpate the testicle cancer than crude knot in the scrotum first.

In addition to testicular cancer other symptoms occur, including:

Also can be caused by the testicular tumor changes in the testicles, which can initially involved an inflammation, with the symptoms but not disappear by antibiotic treatment or other medications.

In addition, a testicular cancer, which refers to the can Production of the male sex hormone Testosterone affects, be evidenced by the following signs:

can secondary tumors (metastases) at an advanced stage Other symptoms caused by testicular cancer: Then it may, for example, back pain or shortness of breath come - depending on where the testicular tumor has formed metastases.


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