Urinary Tract Infection

21 October 2017

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The urinary tract infection is the most common infections in humans, where women are especially often affected.

That the female sex more often suffering from a urinary tract infection, has mainly anatomical reasons. In most cases, the causative agent of urinary tract infection (mainly bacteria) pass via the urethra into the urinary tract. Ignites then the fabric (urethritis, cystitis) is a lower urinary tract infection in front. There women a shorter urethra than men have a urinary tract infection is particularly likely to arise with them.

Climbing the pathogens to continue, they can cause an infection of the urethra (ureters) and pyelonephritis, also upper urinary tract infection called. If left untreated, this inflammation can lead to in severe cases, a type of blood poisoning (Urosepsis).

There are several factors known that may cause a urinary tract infection. to Deisen risk factors include:

There Boys in infancy more often Abnormalities of the urinary tract have as a brunette girl, also made with them at higher risk for urinary tract infections. Also in old age the risk of urinary tract infection is increasing in men, since it is then more likely to prostate enlargement comes: The prostate surrounds the Harnröhrenasbschnitt below the Blase.Ist it increases, it narrows the urethra and the bladder can not completely empty itself - this promotes a urinary tract infection.

An exclusively caused by pathogens urinary tract infection without other risk factors is considered uncomplicated. In women, there is usually such a uncomplicated urinary tract infection in front. However, when added factors that favor the infection, he is considered complicated urinary tract infection. In children and in men is more likelihood of complicated urinary tract infections. And a urinary tract infection in pregnancy can run more complicated.

Typical of a urinary tract infection symptoms are:

A urinary tract infection can also cause blood in the urine, the urine discolored even in small quantities intense red. but some urinary tract infections also run completely symptom-free.

Most uncomplicated urinary tract infection disappears one by one therapy with antibiotics quickly. In a complicated urinary tract infection, this alone is not enough: Here one must also eliminate the predisposing factors to prevent chronic urinary tract infection arises. In kidney or Prostatavereiterungen surgery is needed to possibly.

Prevent You can by drinking sufficient guard against hypothermia and ensuring adequate hygiene in the toilet and for sexual contact.


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