Genital itching: Causes

21 October 2017

Genital itching can many different causes to have. When the outer sheath (vagina), the vagina, the penis or the glans short term itches, the reasons are often harmless: The paresthesia is - similar to the pain, cold or heat sensation - the protection of the skin.

Often the Pilz Candida is responsible for ensuring that the pubic area itchy: Although candida colonized the healthy lining of the people, but can multiply abnormally (by the hormonal changes during pregnancy, for example) and trigger an itching in the genital area under certain circumstances. Depending on which site is infected, inflamed

Most accompanying the genital itching, a whitish discharge from the vagina occurs in these cases.

At the man it happens rarely that the genital itch - one possible reason is for example a tight foreskin (phimosis). In both sexes, the itching may also in the genital area without identifiable cause (Ie idiopathic) occur - then the itch is probably psychosomatic.


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