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21 October 2017

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Whether after a fall, after a vaccination or after exercise - arm pain probably had any before. The exact causes of arm pain are extremely varied: from a harmless sore about osteoarthritis and bone fracture.

Harmless arm pain, such as a muscle strain due to unusual stress, often disappear after a short time all alone.

In severe arm pain, during persistent, chronic pain in the arm and in inflammatory swollen and overheated joints should, however, its family doctor attention. He is able to limit the causes through various tests and then, if appropriate, refer the person to a specialist.

What are arm pain?

Arm pain are not an independent disease, but a symptom that may be caused by various diseases and injuries in the area of ​​bones and joints, and muscles and tendons.

The human arm consists of the humerus (humerus), the elbow (ulna) and the radius (radius), the elbow joint as well as numerous muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and blood vessels. Radius and ulna are hinged to the shoulder with the hand and the upper arm bone on the shoulder joint.

Arm pain can have many different causes, for example:

A heart attack often announces itself with stabbing pains in the chest, shoulder and may radiate into the arm (in the left-most). However, you should not make the mistake to draw the reverse conclusion: Pain in the left arm can have many different causes - a heart attack only infected Rare behind it. 

Depending on the cause arm pain to go through pushing, pulling or stabbing pain, an inflammatory swelling of the arm, hyperthermia and restricted mobility noticeable. In addition to these complaints arm pain can also be accompanied with additional numbness or paralysis. The pain in the arm can suddenly (acute), for example following injuries, occur or be chronic (as in osteoarthritis).

The Treatment of arm pain depends on the each cause and therefore can be very different. are under some circumstances ointment associations or one Splint necessary, around the arm to keep at rest (e.g., when tennis elbow). Arm pain with anti-inflammatory painkillers (such as aspirin or ibuprofen) can be symptomatically.

Whether one rather temporarily protect the affected arm or at least should rather move and whether heating or cooling are better depends on the cause and the nature of the injury. This one should discuss with his doctor.


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