Age spots (lentigo senilis, solar lentigo)

21 October 2017

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Age spots (lentigo senilis, solar lentigo) are benign lesions that increasingly occur in late adulthood: The brownish until a few centimeters large dark spots are formed mainly on the face, back of the hand, at the neckline and the forearms.

Age spots caused by pigments, which accumulate in the epidermis. This happens when the skin through long UV irradiation or the case increasingly occurring free radicals damaged.

The lighter the skin is and the higher the UV radiation, the higher the probability that age spots develop. mostly affects Persons over 60 years - in this age group have nine out of ten people age spots. Depending on your lifestyle and UV exposure to form dark spots but from the age of about 40 years.

Age spots are usually harmless, no medical treatment is necessary. but some sufferers feel the dark spots as disturbing - especially in the face. With particularly deckendem makeup (concealer, camouflage) to age spots can hide. In the longer term is also a treatment with bleaching creams possible and various peeling methods, for example by physical, chemical or mechanical peeling.

Particularly effective and gentle on the surrounding tissue is a laser treatment. Here, the dermatologist removes any interfering age spot individually. Before treatment, it must ensure that it actually is an age spot and not a malignant skin disease like skin cancer.

Age spots, you can - as all signs of aging - prevention: Protect yourself especially against excessive sun exposure, such as appropriate clothing and sunscreen.

Additionally, it is advisable that you avoid social drugs like alcohol and tobacco smoke - this can promote the formation of free radicals which favor age spots. The body's system of defense against these aggressive oxygen compounds can assist you with antioxidants through an adequate supply. This includes:


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