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20 July 2017

DX Racer 1: Gaming chair at a special price at Amazon

The DX Racer 1 Amazon currently has a high-quality gaming chair available. The price is 50 percent below the recommended retail price.

DXRACER amazon

As for name and design, the gaming chair the company office chair aimed clear to fans of racing games. Visually, the DX Racer 1 recalls the bucket seats of sports cars. But the gaming chair convinces not only by the chic faux leather look. The Amazon customers praise the majority of the comfort of the gaming chair. Both the height and the angle of the backrest can be adjusted continuously. The manufacturer recommends a maximum useful life of two to three hours daily. However, users report that a prolonged use without problems is possible. For especially large or heavy gamers, however, the chair is not suitable. The height should not exceed 1.85 meters, the maximum permissible weight is 100 kg.

DX Racer 1 Amazon

Amazon, the price of the DX Racer 1 is currently only 208 euros. That's half the recommended retail price. The manufacturer's warranty amounts to two years. The chair weighs 26 kg and is delivered disassembled. Amazon Prime members the shipping is free as usual. More details can be found on Amazon.

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DXRACER amazon

Gaming chair


DXRACER Review for DXRACER chair

Here is the DXRACER chair DXRACER Review. The mark, like in gamer circles also DXRacing or sometimes even called DCRacer, is already for many years a fixture in the field of eSports and, with the best manufacturers, which Racing chairs concerns. When DXRacing chair of the F-Series, for example, is a real all-rounder. Whether professional Progamer. Occasional gamers or office users - through a thoughtful combination of functions, the DXRACER chairs can be individually adapted. Through strict quality control DXRACER always delivers Gaming chairs of the extra class .

DXRACER Chair: best deals buying guides

The best deals on DX Racer Amazon chairs, the most important discounts can be found on the following pages in our DXRACER Review. Compares and pays attention to the daily updated prices and discount offers. Here you can see a DXRACER chair acquire really great bargain price. Be it the indicative riesene compared winner DX Racer 1 or DX Racer 3. You can find all products with fat discounts.

Click here for the DXRACER advisers, buying advice on the TOP Offered by DX Racing:

Is it worth investing in a DXRACER chair?

Investing in a DXRacing chair almost always, according to some DX worth Racer tests. The unique ergonomics and sophisticated comfort functions offer a completely new experience during gaming or working. Mainly by a permanently concentrated gaming at the highest level is possible because your body can focus on the important muscle reflexes for gaming mouse gaming keyboard, instead of having to constantly fight against an un-ergonomic chair.

Our recommendation a DXRACER Amazon

Instead of investing three times in a low chair or two, once it is recommended to spend a little more money for a real DXRACER Amazon, which for long accompanied one with the ultimate seating experience. Not without reason, Pro Gamer Chairs DX Racer constantly compared winner in its segment. The right gamers eventually makes also no compromises in choosing his mouse and keyboard.

Which category suits you?

* Note to this page: Daily rates / Affiliate Links / pictures are z.T. Amazon

DXRACER amazon

DXRACER amazon


DX Racer chair Amazon (Robas Lund) or buy DXRACER from the side?

I want to buy a DXRACER one chair.
Now I do not know if I should buy the Amazon or the official website DXRACER me.

In which "Amazon Product" you can fold back the back by nearly 180 degrees and the "official" "just" to 135 degrees.

What is different in the two and where should I buy one?

DXRACER amazon

Amazon does not matter the chairs will probably only apply from the original manufacturer. When the backrests have different settings, there are probably different models.

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Which Gaming Chair is the better, I am currently torn between the Robas Lund DX racer1 (230 €) and the Maxnomic Pro Gaming & Office (320 €)?

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DX Racer, which model?

Which gaming chair is better?


Robas Lund on Amazon: What DXRACER behind it?

If you want to treat yourself to a stylish gaming chair at Amazon, one encounters always been to models called "Robas Lund DXRACER ". Among our readers that ensures belonging to the confusion - up to conjecture that it is not "real" DXRACER at Roba Lund. And: If you want to get an Roba Lund chair buy one does not know which DXRACER model hiding just behind it - one has yet cleverly model names like "Racing Series" or "Formula's" not specified in the name.

However, since the purchase of the best gaming chair for you the model is important designed for that height and weight (for more information on this in our DXRACER Model Guide), the absence of the model name is half disaster. Therefore, we bring in this guide some light on the Robas Lund model range and show you on that chair hiding just behind "Roba Lund DXRacer1", "Roba Lund DXRacer5" and Co. !

Are Robas Lund chairs real DXRACER?

If a chair suddenly stopped "DXRACER " rather "robas Lund "Is, of course, come questions - especially whether because these chairs are also original DXRACER. The answer: Yes, they are 100% original DXRACER. There are quite regular DXRACER chairs with exactly the same features, the same processing, the same package, from the same factory. Therefore, if you have doubts, you can rest assured.

Why are they called Amazon "Roba Lund"?

Robas Lund is a German sales for furniture, which has all sorts of chairs, armchairs and tables in the program. This is just an additional sales for furniture manufacturers who want to bring their products as fully as possible to the man. Including just the original DXRACER chairs from which they sell a few models on their way. Importantly. All the DXRACER sent is the same as on other channels - of packaging to the final product.

All Robas Lund Modelle decoded:

1. Roba Lund DXRacer1

DXRACER amazon

The Roba Lund DXRacer1 on Amazon is a DXRACER Formula. which is equipped with a fabric. The exact model of this variant is "0H / FD01 / NR "As it is found on the website DXRACER. As every chair of the F-series it comes with a base of hard nylon, adjustable armrests and two pillows. For any further details, we recommend you our Guide to Formula series.

For Roba Lund DXRacer1 on Amazon!

2. Robas Lund DXRacer3

DXRACER amazon

The Roba Lund DXRacer3 is a chair of the DXRACER Drifting Series. Again, the base made of nylon, here too, recommends a maximum load of 100kg. For further information on this model, we can point you to our Guide to DXRACER Drifting series.

For Roba Lund DXRacer3 on Amazon!

3. Roba Lund DXRacer5

DXRACER amazon

The Roba Lund DXRacer5 is identical to the already mentioned above DXRacer1. He is also a chair of the Formula series. only in a different color scheme (black and gray instead of black and red). This color scheme no longer exists in the current collection, so it's getting Hurry to another. Whether this model is suitable for you, you can read in our guide to DXRACER F-series.

For Roba Lund DXRacer5 on Amazon!

4. Robas Lund DXRacer6

DXRACER amazon

The Roba Lund DXRacer6 joins in the list of Roba-Lund-chairs that simply a normal DXRACER Formula are. Also here is the difference to the two presented above F-Series only in the other color patterns. By the black / white pattern it looks a bit understated, but offers the same features. Here, too, you should bring the scales at 100kg maximum to have the Formula long term fun.

For Roba Lund DXRacer6 on Amazon!

5. Roba Lund DXRacer7

DXRACER amazon

The Roba Lund DXRacer7 is similar to the DXRacer3 a chair Drifting Series. He has, however, a fabric cover (no artificial leather) and a gray / black color scheme. Also here you can with 100kg burden, other dimensions such as the maximum height found in our Drifting Series Guide.

For Roba Lund DXRacer7 on Amazon!

Although the selection at Roba Lund something is limited to Amazon, so you can here a original DXRACER at a bargain price shoot. So if you have no special requests extreme in terms of design, can be found here to get a Formula Series or Drifting Series for little money a very good way! Our Favourite. Still the Robas Lund DXRACER first

Tell us what you think about it!


DXRACER 1, 2 or 5 office chair for each 194,95 € (instead of 229 €)

DXRACER amazon

If you've always or long an eye on the DX-Racer 1, 2 or 5 office chair has thrown, but have always hesitated because he was unhappy with the price, which can now at plus for each € 194.95 incl. shipping strike. Uses to the 5 € voucher from the newsletter.

The price comparison is 229 €. 220 Reviews example of DXRACER 5 gets on Amazon very good 4.2 out of 5 stars. Here one should not hesitate for long, because the quota is not infinite!

  • References: fabric, 100% Polyester
  • Pillow: Leatherette
  • adjustable armrests
  • adjustable height
  • Adjustable back to 170 °
  • Loadable up to max. 100.0 Kg
  • Incl. neck pillow
  • Incl. lumbar pillow
  • Turnstile made of plastic
  • Universal castors, 11mm pin

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does anyone know where to get spare parts (plastic panel) for the chair. The net is nothing to find.

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2 months 24 days ago

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Thanks Heinz for the info. I Sry did not know previously # 8230;

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4 months 16 days ago

DXRACER amazon

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Is at the bottom of the post. It is always advisable to read exactly ��

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I had ordered me both (dx1 and DX5) at Amazon Primeday.

I returned them both again.

I do everything on the computer.
Whether playing, look series, my university stuff etc.

Construction was very easy. So much for that.

Seating comfort was getting used to ..
The upholstery was very thin!
processing was # 8211; OK.
What really bothered me was that if you sit back and arms (z.B.beim routes) could not stretch clever, because of the side rails.

All in all, it should try every time, but I'll stick with leather chairs in this price category without # 8222; Gaming Chair # 8220; in the description.

Hope I could help.

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10 months 18 days ago

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