Renal Anemia: Causes

21 October 2017

The causes of renal anemia are in a Kidney disorder (Lat .: ren): The anemia is therefore kidney related. Such insufficiency can cause renal anemia at an early stage when there is still 20 to 50 percent of kidney function are preserved. At the time at which a chronic renal failure makes a dialysis (dialysis) or kidney transplant needed, there is almost always an anemia.

Main cause renal anemia is usually that the body at a renal failure too few red blood cells forms (erythrocytes). The reason for this is a hormone deficiencyThe healthy kidneys form 90 to 95 percent of the hormone erythropoietin, the bone marrow stimulates the production of red blood cells. Is the function of the kidneys disturbed by chronic kidney disease, the kidneys can no longer provide sufficient quantities of the hormone frequently. Of the kidney induced erythropoietin in turn, causes the bone marrow to few red blood cells - the result of renal anemia. The anemia makes relatively quickly noticeable because red blood cells have a limited life span of 120 days and the body must therefore they reproduce continuously.

Additional reasons for the lack of red blood cells in chronic renal failure and thus for renal anemia are:

The person responsible for a renal anemia kidney failure can different causes have, for example:


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