Medulloblastoma: In children, the most common malignant brain tumor

21 October 2017

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A medulloblastoma is a malignant brain tumor, who with timely good chance of recovery. Medulloblastoma typically occurs in childhood and often arises in the region of the back of the head. It develops from the so-called embryonic, immature cells. The exact causes of medulloblastoma are still largely unknown.

Medulloblastoma often affects children aged between five and seven years - it is the most common malignant brain tumor in childhood. Boys suffer a total of slightly more likely than girls to a medulloblastoma. Various ailments, such as Depending on the location and spread of the tumor:

Medulloblastoma may (also called cerebrospinal fluid or CSF) from the brain via the nervous water spread further, by releasing cancer cells in this fluid. These cancer cells can then, for example, in the spinal cord to settle and grow into secondary tumors (metastases).

in addition to the medical examination - with a medulloblastoma are in the diagnosis - as with all brain tumors imaging procedures important. Especially magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has great significance.

As there may be in the cerebrospinal fluid and malignant cells, the doctor must additionally perform a spinal tap - even when no visible metastases are visible in MRI. it can investigate in the laboratory for cancer cells obtained thereby sample of cerebrospinal fluid.

Despite the viciousness of medulloblastoma, the prospects of recovery are at consistent therapy Good. In the foreground, the complete removal of the tumor as possible to stand at a treatment by surgery, chemotherapy and - depending on the age of the child - radiotherapy.

In the first years after treatment medulloblastoma may occur again. Such a recurrence of the tumor is called recurrence. Therefore, a good follow-up and control, as with many other cancers also important to recognize relapses early and handled accordingly fast.


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