Arm pain: typical causes

21 October 2017

Arm pain are complaints, behind which a number of different causes can stick. Thus, the arm pain can arise including through bone and joint problems, muscle problems, nerve irritation and nerve damage and circulation problems. Drawing pains in the upper arm interpret for example, very different causes out as a swollen elbow.

The arm is exposed both in everyday life and in sports often heavy load, for example when carrying and lifting. Incorrect or excessive stress can cause pain in the arm: So pain in the upper arm for example after a heavy load during a power or martial arts, elbow pain typical, however, may indicate a so-called tennis elbow. But even after prolonged immobilization of the arm (for example, in a cast for a broken bone) can cause pain in the lower or upper arm.

You can find a variety of diseases and injuries, which in the arm pain possible causes belong:


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