DXRACER alternative

20 July 2017

4 recommended gaming Stьhle: Good sitting is half played

Michael Krьger (18 March 2016)

Only those who sit well, plays well. it is often enough a comfortable chair in front of the console, the monitor should be a good office chair. The following four seats are ideal for gamers.

Who does not know it? To get a better feel for the goals, it slips on the sofa or chair forward to the edge. The head is located in the neck and moves like a tennis match again from left to right. Your neck vertebrae are not interested in whether this ye done more opponents. Who ever plays in strange positions, running to get serious pain by ossified intervertebral discs danger.

Gaming chairs help you have even sit still comfortable after hours. And who does not? They support a healthy posture and provide you the comfort that you have earned a passionate player. In addition, some look even really smart and evaluate your game room or office on. Meanwhile, they are also among important peripherals such good mouse pads or charging stations and steering wheels.

Start Photogallery(17 images)

Take a look at a selection of player-chairs and makes you a picture of their performance. They are sorted by price range. The chairs at the end of the article offer loads of extras, but also cost more. Is your wallet not particularly full, that does not mean that you need without such a chair. Are you aware that you get a few gimmicks less, you can be happy with a cheap chair.

Do you want a model that retained you long, there are also matching chairs. However, these also have a corresponding price. This list can be found to suit all budgets the right Gaming Chair. So you will find a great sitting for you and makes a wrong purchase.

Number 1: sports seat executive chair

  • Safety castors
  • stepless safety gas lift height adjustment
  • tip over
  • tilt mechanism
  • lockable initial position
  • padded armrests

Reference: Artificial leather in textile inserts in ten colors

DXRACER alternative

Conclusion: Invested their 70 euros, you get already the Tectake sports seat executive chair. The rollers protect your ground no matter how sensitive this is. The soft padding is still comfortable even with a load of up to 95 kilograms. This chair also has a tilt mechanism. The height adjustment provides enough variation so that hopefully, you will find the ideal seat height for your writing or game table. Since the back is nice and wide, you will properly supported when things get exciting again or you pressed a racing game in the chair.

Number 2: Office Chair Racer Pro

  • Multifunction rolls with anti-slip coating
  • stepless guest lift for height adjustment
  • tip over
  • tilt mechanism
  • ergonomic seat surface
  • high backrest with integrated headrest

DXRACER alternative

Conclusion: Here you find yourself already in a slightly higher price range. This has, however, to offer a few extras that you do not find in cheaper chairs. The Racer Pro has an ergonomic seat. At the beginning it is used to, that you no longer can put under the other a leg, but her sitting by so that your back remains fit longer. Thanks to the imitation leather cover you do not start as quickly to sweat. The high backrest does not keep your head in the neck but the back of the head, causing the seat feels more like a racing chair than the cheap models. We deduct for the armrests, since they easily give in by their attachment to the backrest and at even higher priced chairs.


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Maxnomic vs. DXRACER vs. classy chairs who would build the best gaming desk chair?

The two best-known brands when it comes to gaming desk chairs, are certainly Maxnomic aka NeedforSeat or DXRACER.

Besides these two manufacturers, there are more and more smaller manufacturers to assert that attempt on the market.

One of these small manufacturers classy chairs is from Berlin.

DXRACER alternative

These things have I taken as an opportunity to look at me a chair from each of the three manufacturers in a triple comparison times.

Which is the best gaming chair? Let's find out in the test!

the models

The following models are compared:

First of all I must criticize DXRACER. I've never seen such a confusing naming scheme from a manufacturer.

It is not easy at DXRACER what durchzublicken for a model you just before here.

For this test I've bought DX racer1, which is after all the best-selling desk chair on Amazon. Now if you look for a challenge, but goes out the DXRACER website and finds the DX racer1.

DXRACER alternative

What is sold as Amazon DX racer1 apparently the OH / FD01 / NR, which is probably not a very memorable name.

In Maxnomic everything is a bit easier. Here the Office Comfort replaces.

More simply, the whole is at classy chairs. There is currently only the EPIC SERIES, this, however, in two versions, one synthetic leather and once with genuine leather.

All the chairs are of course also available in different colors!

In all models, the structure is largely the same. One mounted the holder for the gas pressure spring on the bottom, then the seat back and puts the whole on the star base.

In practice, you do not need Completed engineer training. When DXRACER and Maxnomic I would call the assembly to be very simple and also the noble chairs easy.

When classy chairs the backrest fit not really between the two wings on which it is screwed. Here I needed some help from a second person who had all pressed something together so that the screws could be screwed right.

Everything no doom, and Maxnomic DXRACER are building alone good for classy chairs I would recommend two more helping hands.

Massiveness and feel

Basically, there are great similarities in the construction of the three models. The very classy chairs and Maxnomic are extremely similar.

I would not be surprised if both models come from the same Asian contract manufacturer.

DXRACER alternative

Especially the "mechanics" on the underside of both models is visually identical. One could also say Identical well, for both the mechanics worked very solid made of thick metal.

However, this is not much worse in DXRACER. Here, too, both the seat structure as well as the mechanics seems durable.

DXRACER alternative

In all three models, the seat also has a metal frame. The Maxnomic Office Comfort and DXRACER "OH / FD01 / NR" also have a metal frame in the backrest.

With classy chairs EPIC SERIES I'm here not sure. It could also be present, a metal frame, but could also be a wooden frame.

This is hard to say because the backrest is very even padded. When DXRACER contrast, the padding is something economical. Where does not touch the back of the chair, there is no padding and the metal frame is simply spans only with fabric.

DXRACER alternative

That sounds worse than it really is. The DXRACER happens to be the cheapest chair in comparison. This one sees something on the star base which is here apparently made of plastic, the noble chair and Maxnomic other hand, is set to metal.

However, one must also give the DXRACER it does not concern cheap plastic 0815. This looks quite very robust, so it is probably the highest quality plastic what you can get.

The Side bracket for the backrests Qualitatively classified roughly equal High quality in all three. The adjustment for the backrest, however, is the Maxnomic Office Comfort and classy chairs EPIC SERIES something of high quality and soft.

Small differences also exist in the rollers. The chairs of the noble EPIC SERIES get me some quiet before running.

Bottom line, I would rate this a chair as bad or inferior. However, the Maxnomic Need for Seat Office Comfort is felt Worked most massive. Second place in the classy chairs EPIC SERIES follows and the third most DXRACER "OH / FD01 / NR".

As it sits so?

All three chairs are very different as far as the seats. The most important difference which immediately stands out is the hardness.

DXRACER alternative

The DXRACER is by far the softest chair of the three is the hardest during the classy chairs. Maxnomic lies with his Office Comfort something in the middle.

On the DXRacer1 "OH / FD01 / NR" you really sit soft, which also is partly due to the fabric. Unfortunately, the back is not as well supported as I would have liked but here. The lower back can be pressed very far and a little step up a slightly noticeable crossbar.

That was probably DXRACER aware, because you put a back cushion at what this little compensates.

DXRACER alternative

However, the models of Maxnomic and classy chairs not much better in this point.

The lower back area could be me something better supported in both as well. However, I would rate this at both acceptable. Even classy chairs specifies otherwise in a back cushion.

Where are the noble chairs EPIC, this is a very hard stool. Actually, I like to sit soft but I like the comfort of EPIC SERIES. While you sit hard but has no bruises, so it's not as if the manufacturer would have saved on the upholstery.

the design is based not you can feel! Just over a longer period of sitting chairs classy EPIC SERIES was nevertheless clearly more comfortable in comparison with the other models. The DXRacer1 you sit for a while with something. But for a while is also good 3+ hours straight.

DXRACER alternative

The Office Comfort lies in the middle. One has here a little the "Cheff chair feeling". So you do not even sitting too soft but tough.

In summer, however, the Maxnomic Office Comfort might be a little warm. Both the padding of DXRACER as well as the classy chairs is slightly better ventilated.

The next difference is the size. I with my approx 1.84 and 90KG passe I do well in all the chairs, but the DXRACER is noticeably narrower.

DXRACER alternative

He that is built slightly wider, might have problems here. This is due to the "wings" of the backrest which are mounted significantly steeper in this chair.

It will thus be held in position more here. Who will like to move a lot in his chair to occur perhaps somewhat constricted here.

The Office Comfort is a most space here, however, is with the noble chairs about equal to.

DXRACER alternative

The next significant difference is the "tilt". In all three chairs, it is possible to bring in a slightly oblique position by leaning back.

I call this lovingly Kippelfunktion. For me, this has become a must-have. You can not beat if something can tilt back and bring in a more relaxed position.

DXRACER alternative

Maxnomic left, right noble chairs

I like to sit when working cross-legged on my chair and lean it in this oblique position.

In all chairs this feature can be switched off or the intensity adjusted, so how much force is needed before they tip backwards.

Unfortunately here the DXRACER failed completely. I hope that I have impressions inserted so that you realize why.

DXRACER alternative

Left classy chairs, right DXRACER

The construction is unlike Maxnomic or classy chairs. In the two latter a type of hinge has been used which is gespreitzt by a spring in the normal position. If you sit back now, the chair really tilts down to the rear until it touches down at the lowest point.

This is not so with DXRACER! Here the chair is easily stored on a mobile joint. So, although the chair tilts back down, but it goes forward a bit high.

In practice, you have to literally push off to get into the slope, while this is classy chairs much more natural in Maxnomic or.

Especially when classy chairs EPIC SERIES easy shifting of body weight is enough almost to the rear.

If your attaches great importance to the Kippelfunktion, reaches for classy chairs!

Bonus points gets the DXRACER but for the slightly curved armrests, which are nevertheless clearly more convenient.

Where to now sits best?

After I have tried to explain how to sit on each gaming desk chairs, nevertheless let come to the question in which I prefer seats.

My favorite chair is the classy chairs EPIC SERIES. This is also convenient for a long time and to me important tilt function is very comfortable and natural. Also, I find that this is the most comfortable for me form.

DXRACER alternative

The DXRACER itself is also very convenient, but over time the EPIC is still preferable. Especially since here the tilting function I do not like something. However, the padding is comfortable and soft. To relax in front of the TV the DXRACER is great!

But why not the Maxnomic Need for Seat Office Comfort?

The Office Comfort is not uncomfortable, but on the contrary there is something that bothers me.

This is also confirmed by a small "unrepresentative survey" which I have made in the family and among friends. Here, three people for the noble chairs EPIC SERIES, two persons for the DXRACER and only one person for the Maxnomic Need for Seat Comfort Office decided.

Well, the whole thing is because most have some "relative" sat only briefly on all chairs in succession. But why many have decided against the Maxnomic?

I have to figure out why a long time, it is the seat. This is almost completely flat when Maxnomic, maybe even a slightly sloping forward.

DXRACER alternative

When classy chairs and DXRACER however, the seating area which is regarded as more comfortable descends slightly to the rear, as it drops something more in the chair inside.

Probably the Office Comfort better from an ergonomic point of view but it is clearly getting used to.

DXRACER alternative

If you have been eating the Office Comfort something and has become accustomed to this form, then that is perfectly fine.

Nevertheless, when it comes to me, the noble chairs EPIC SERIES would be my first choice!

Ultimately, all three models have something for themselves. The Maxnomic Need for Seat Office Comfort is built like a tank, the DXRACER "OH / FD01 / NR" has a very good price performance and classy chairs EPIC SERIES is just the longer the benefit of the most comfortable.

Here it comes to something on your priorities. If you Maxnomic the Need for Seat Office Comfort 350 € # 8211; 400 € or classy chairs EPIC SERIES 340 € too expensive then the DXRacer1 is "OH / FD01 / NR" a good alternative which is not much worse than the other two models, if you are not too big and heavy.

DXRACER alternative

Even if your like to sit a bit softer then the DXRACER is perhaps your first choice.

Will you, however, which all join in a chair with the maximum of solidity to load? Then the Office Comfort is your first choice. Although I think that you look at these little getting used because of the very flat surface but, once that is done you feel on this really like a "Cheff".

However, the winner for me is the classy chairs EPIC SERIES. He is the most comfortable desk chair in comparison, especially if more than 2-3 hours at a stretch is it also Sits he has the best fit.

DXRACER alternative

In addition there is no no-go at this. The rocker function is the most pleasant in comparison, the padding is just for the summer well ventilated without being too cold and the massiveness is good.

For these reasons, the noble chairs EPIC SERIES has landed on my desk as "Primary" chair. So I would myself again opt for this, and the other two were able to convince and are therefore distributed to other desks in the house.

The bottom line of classy chairs EPIC SERIES yet offers the best overall package.

  • Link to the single review of DXRacer1 /// link to the single review of the noble chairs EPIC /// link to Maxnomic Office Comfort
  • classy chairs EPIC SERIES
  • Maxnomic Need for Seat Office Comfort
  • DXRacer1 "OH / FD01 / NR"

DXRACER alternativeDXRACER alternativeDXRACER alternative

  • DXRACER alternative
  • DXRACER alternative
  • DXRACER alternative
  • DXRACER alternative
  • DXRACER alternative
  • DXRACER alternative
  • DXRACER alternative

    DXRACER alternative

    DXRACER alternative

    DXRACER alternative

    DXRACER alternative


    Maxnomic vs DXRACER vs AK Racing

    I hope one of you has a clue. Which manufacturer offers the gaming chair with the best price / -Leistungsverhдltnis? Price they offer all their Stьhle closed for nearly 300 # 8364; at. The internet lieЯt different. Optics is closed for me rather secondary, you have to adjust well to the corresponding kцnnen ergonomics gewдhrleisten to kцnnen that cushion what his neat, which is not worn-out after one year, ie processing, Funktionalitдt and Qualitдt are here first and foremost.

    I have used these three manufacturers for comparison, as they are known closed for the price segment me.

    Last edited by -MIRROR- (09/06/2015 at 11:17)

    Battlelog Player Profile: 21_Mirrors
    Diablo 3 Player Profile: Mirrors

    AW: Maxnomic vs DXRACER vs AK Racing

    So P / L mдЯig are all the Stьhle with "gaming" on behalf of all WHRS not very good.

    During bowel it always depends on your Kцrperbau. I'm 1,85m persцnlich groЯ and weigh nearly 85 kg. I am really not small, but also no giant and "normal" built. I had, however, the DX Racer F. He was too small for me. Now I have a Maxnomic or which is perfect Dominator so by the GrцЯe. The Sitzflдche is something hдrter the Maxnomic. Here, too, there is no "better" or "worse", Some want the Flдche just something hдrter and some little softer. When Maxnomic I now have some problems with the processing, but the Hдndler (that is Needforseat) absolutely great and the super kьmmert it. I get the said part exchanged home with me and it all goes very fast and the contact is super friendly and helpful.

    Intel Core i7 5820k | MSI X99 Gaming Pro Carbon | EVGA GTX980 | 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum | 2x Samsung 850 Pro 1TB | BQ! Dark Power Pro @OC @ H20
    Asus Essence STX II | Beyerdynamic T90 | Yamaha HS50 | Samson Resolv120A
    MacBook Pro 13" Retina 512GB SSD

    AW: Maxnomic vs DXRACER vs AK Racing

    who take all not very (are manufactured by the same company in China DXRACER and Maxnomic of Need for Seat) much.
    With AKRacing I was not satisfied and it has me gestцrt the there the Nдhte are torn or Nдhte have gelцst with time.

    I've decided in reversing circuit closed for a Maxnomic because a colleague has a DXRACER and I sit there a little softer and have therefore been thinking, is whether to allow the pad worn-out faster / worn, this is something of cheap Stьhlen ("executive chair" from 50 to 150 Euro).
    I then ordered my Maxnomic Monday morning and had this so Tuesdays, already received spдter a day.

    For packaging:
    Everything is packaged in a carton with groЯen much Styrofoam and bubble wrap. Nothing smells of chemistry, not how else knows the artificial leather of some the Stьhlen.
    The manual is verstдndlich in color and clear. The construction was finished as the only person in about 35 minutes.

    To Qualitдt:
    The Nдhte are all very clean and the imitation leather and the mechanics, etc. is impeccable.
    The features of the chair yes you can but see it lдsst actually set everything free and the hub provides proper stability even when fully inserted backwards and strong rumwackelt the site.
    The Sitzflдche consists of "Matrtatzenschaumstoff" which is really very high and is mounted sprung - not just slapped on a particle board.
    After months Sitzflдche is still as the day - to recognize no VerschleiЯ.

    The service:
    The forwarder had unfortunately let in the delivery a heavy object falling on the box and this therefore dug into the Anhдngerkupplung on vans and so beschдdigte the turnstile with three visible scratches and the cover of the lifting & Lowering mechanism. I took the cardboard to because I did not want to wait while I refuse the delivery.
    I took lunch contact the service on (German support via e-mail) and got within 5 minutes, an answer that I should send pictures of it (unfortunately also had the Sitzflдche something gotten).
    Then so I got another 10 minutes spдter a Auftragsbestдtigung informed about a new hub, the cover and the new Sitzflдche which were sent all on the same day and I the "defective" could replace parts on Wednesday week. The service has more points are awarded here and, if I can not own the beschдdigten parts dispose / want I could do everything via. can pick Retoureschein - at no additional cost.

    I hope you thus have helped. For questions you can send a message, since I can not daily every day / hour here me happy.

    || Performance PC || ASRock Z77 Extreme4 || Intel Core i5 3570K @ 5300 MHz || CPU + GPU custom Waterloop || Phanteks Enthoo Pro ||
    || Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Gaming @ 2264 MHz || 16GB Crucial Ballistix Sport ||

    || Gaming Notebook || i7 6700HQ || GTX 965M "Refresh" OC || 16 GB DDR RAM 4 ||

    AW: Maxnomic vs DXRACER vs AK Racing

    2 years from the statutory provision.

    but I am very confident that this hдlt lдnger than 2 years.
    Now possess my since informed about six months ago and is still like new.
    No Mдngel until now.

    A serious disadvantage, however, there.
    You can do fast times on the Billigstьhlen Rьcken hurt because we have gewцhnt quickly to the really correct and healthy sitting in Maxnomic.
    SpaЯ aside, this is something very positive! Since then I have a much better and straighter posture although I very much sitting (IT Bьrojob with more mдЯiger movement of around 3,000 to 5,000 steps a day at work).

    || Performance PC || ASRock Z77 Extreme4 || Intel Core i5 3570K @ 5300 MHz || CPU + GPU custom Waterloop || Phanteks Enthoo Pro ||
    || Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Gaming @ 2264 MHz || 16GB Crucial Ballistix Sport ||

    || Gaming Notebook || i7 6700HQ || GTX 965M "Refresh" OC || 16 GB DDR RAM 4 ||

    This is natьrlich right. Me now fдllt but the gewдhrt a guarantee not a manufacturer.

    || Performance PC || ASRock Z77 Extreme4 || Intel Core i5 3570K @ 5300 MHz || CPU + GPU custom Waterloop || Phanteks Enthoo Pro ||
    || Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Gaming @ 2264 MHz || 16GB Crucial Ballistix Sport ||

    || Gaming Notebook || i7 6700HQ || GTX 965M "Refresh" OC || 16 GB DDR RAM 4 ||


    Need for Seat Maxnomic vs. DXRACER which is the better desk chair? (Office Comfort vs. Racing Gaming Chair)

    Maxnomic as "Need for Seat" known and DXRACER are the best known "Gaming Chair" manufacturers in the market.

    Both have a lot of money in marketing and advertising inserted to produce a certain brand presence.

    But a real comparison between these manufacturers is hard to find.

    now that my desk chair would be so slow also exchanged times, I decided to buy me from both manufacturers a chair to clarify for me and for you to which is better.

    DXRACER alternative

    Therefore, here's the comparison between the Need for Seat Maxnomic Office Comfort and DXRACER Racing Gaming Chair!

    The matching chair

    If you only interested in the comparison, then please skip this section, because here I will complain once about the online store and the models of both manufacturers.

    Let's start with Need for Seat. a particularly good online shop chairs of Need for Seat are currently available only in the online shop of the manufacturer and not in regular online trading so here is important.

    And yes, the shop of Need for Seat is constructed properly and provides a "consultation" in which you set your height and weight. Then you called the right "category".

    Need for Seat, there are basically four series, casual sports (S-M), Pro-Gaming & Office (M-L), Office Comfort (L-XXL) and XL-Series (XXL-XXXL).

    DXRACER alternative

    Within this series, there are now various models again. There will be difficult because all the chairs obviously differ only in appearance and the price ?!

    Encouraging the possibility Need for Seat is to choose the seat height. There with each chair three options S, M and L.

    Let's talk about DXRACER and here it is now complicated. The online shop is optically well as standard it hits well. However, in DXRACER you do not buy here. Even Amazon, Alternate (here I ordered) and co. have the chairs in the range.

    The only problem is this assortment is huge and terribly confusing. While there is also an "advice" which is only a JPEG.

    In addition, we must in the various third party online stores still decrypt funny codes like "OH / RC0 / NG".

    In short, buying a DXRace chair can be quite complicated, precisely because of the infinite number of series and sub-models (Formula series, racing series, King series, Sentinel series, tank series Drifting Series, Iron Series, Classic Series, Boss series, Wide series) ,

    The structure is almost identical in the two chairs. It must always be given back to be mounted, and all are fitted together the support for the compression spring rolls.

    The tools required are both models even at, exemplary!

    There is one difference in the "presentation" of the structure. In Maxnomic a high gloss is guidance on in German, which is also well illustrated.

    DXRACER alternativeDXRACER alternativeDXRACER alternativeDXRACER alternativeDXRACER alternative

    This manual is eight pages long. DXRACER however, has packed on a double page the more or less same structure.

    Here, these instructions seem universally beizuliegen in various countries.

    The presentation is therefore a plus for Maxnomic, but the manual is not quite right here, or refers to another chair.

    DXRACER alternativeDXRACER alternativeDXRACER alternativeDXRACER alternativeDXRACER alternative

    Many points were not valid with me because armrests were already assembled for example with me.

    In short, pretty is the guidance in Maxnomic, but is at least as functionally on DXRACER.

    quality impression

    Both chairs act massively and solid without question. However, a direct comparison is the Maxnomic Office Comfort something massive and heavy .

    This can be seen for example also at the base, which is at Maxnomic entirely of aluminum, while this is at DXRACER only plastic, reinforced with some metal.

    Even with the seat and the installation of the tilting mechanism clear differences can be seen.

    Both chairs the seat with aluminum reinforced, not just a wooden board as cheap chairs.

    However, when Maxnomic are more aluminum struts than DX Racer. Also, the clip mechanism acts quality and massive than DX Racer.

    DXRACER alternative

    DXRACER alternative

    Also a good example of the light quality advantage in Maxnomic are the plastic side panels. These are screwed in Office-Comfort, while only clamped at Racing Gaming Chair.

    DXRACER alternative

    However, the Office Comfort is not "perfect". On the one hand he had a small strip on the back, on the other plastic parts, which adjust to the mechanism to operate the backrest, are not fit 100%.

    DXRACER alternative

    Where we are on the mechanism for adjusting the backrest. This is very flexible in two chairs. Starting with straight up to an almost lying position everything is adjustable.

    The rest is not an easy slams brakes against the back when you bring this forward again.

    However, again no advantage for Maxnomic, here the mechanism seems even more gently and quality.

    We come to the main point of the seat comfort. Important this is a very subjective point! Just because my chair x like better than chair y need this course for a long time do not apply to you!

    Basically, both chairs are similar in terms of seating comfort and the feeling of seating.

    Compared to most 08/15 chairs is immediately apparent that both the Maxnomic as well as the DXRACER chair are relatively hard. This is true both for the seat as well as the backrest.

    Is this a disadvantage? At the first trial sitting on the chairs, this may, depending on how you've been sitting, his strange.

    However, just sitting for long periods both models liked it very much.

    As you might recognize from the pictures also, the Office-Comfort padded just over Racing Gaming Chair. However, this difference can be felt only in direct comparison.

    In general, both models are similar in terms of seating comfort. However, I find that the DXRACER slightly worse supports my lower back, for here is the backrest soft (I assume, therefore, my back worse supported).

    DXRACER alternative

    At first I was a little afraid that the side "wings" to limit myself on both models a bit, but this is not the case. Especially the Office Comfort is a lot here space DXRACER keeps hanging back a little more in a straight position. Cross-legged I could sit easily on two chairs, so the seats are largely flat.

    The material and the overall fit is the Office Comfort also a tad better than the DXRACER.

    However, the material that was used for the back and seat looks quite similar at first glance, when it seats there is a small difference.

    The DXRACER seems rather cold during Maxnomic trim look and feel warm. In the winter, although the Maxnomic feels more comfortable, but I suspect that this could tilt at 30 degrees in the summer.

    DXRACER alternative

    Both chairs have a Kippel function, but again this is better at Maxnomic. For one, it takes less power to to lean back, on the other hand, the whole construction feels noticeably better at.

    Perhaps you recognize a pattern. The Maxnomic Office Comfort is superior in almost every respect the DXRACER.

    However, the practice often looks different. At first I felt very clearly in DXRACER comfortable. I can not describe why, but it did. I suspect this is due to the seat which is and when Maxnomic very straight when DXRACER is falling backwards, which I actually like better.

    DXRACER alternative

    At the Maxnomic desk chair I had to get used here was incarcerated the motto. After about a week on the Maxnomic I have this very come to expect and had to go back to the problems DXRACER, not because this is a bad chair, but simply because the Maxnomic is so convenient when it is a little turned eat.

    Conclusion Need for Seat Maxnomic vs. DXRACER

    A difficult conclusion in this duel. However, I would give the test victory the Need for Seat Maxnomic chair.

    But first, the structure is approximately the same for both models. Here, the guide and presentation at Maxnomic the structure when DXRACER is better but a little faster.

    The feel and quality is good on both models. Basically, however, seems to be a bit thicker the Maxnomic Office Comfort something of high quality and the materials appear. For this, the processing in DXRACER was impeccable had two small blemishes during Maxnomic Office Comfort.

    DXRACER alternativeDXRACER alternative

    When Stizkomfort will be difficult. I see from an ergonomic standpoint a slight advantage for the Office Comfort but I had to get used to this only. The DXRACER however, was comfortable for me from the beginning.

    The DXRACER seems a bit easier, cooler and more comfortable straight away in Maxnomic other hand, you really feel like in the executive chair so he looks a bit massive, heavier and warmer, after a certain period of familiarization of the Office Comfort, however, is at least as comfortable as the DXRACER when not even convenient.

    Importantly the Office Comfort primarily something for tall people. Me with my 1,85m and ca.90KG'm happy here at the bottom, so you should your small / be easier, I would be careful! When DXRACER Racing Gaming Chair, however, everything fits quite well, which is also noted that this is definitely made for somewhat narrower humans.

    Here I would almost rather say that I'm a little untern top.

    What is more for you now you have to decide ultimately. However, I would be on points to win the Maxnomic Office Comfort. However, the DXRACER Racing Gaming Chair is not much worse and if you factored the price difference in favor of the DXRACER results in a very balanced picture.

    If I had but to decide but I would buy the Maxnomic Office Comfort again!

    • DXRACER to link to Need for Seat /// Link

    DXRACER alternativeDXRACER alternative

  • DXRACER alternative
  • DXRACER alternative
  • DXRACER alternative
  • DXRACER alternative
  • DXRACER alternative
  • DXRACER alternative
  • DXRACER alternative

    DXRACER alternative

    DXRACER alternative

    DXRACER alternative

    DXRACER alternative

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