Urination: Causes

21 October 2017

must be an increased frequency of urination not necessarily morbidly be. Thus, an occasionally increased urge to urinate as well:

In some cases, increased urination also has psychological causes - as an extreme emotional distress or stress: Especially nervous people can (for example, the sound of splashing water or cold) quickly feel the need to go to the bathroom.

However, a frequent urge to urinate or constant without increased amount of urine may at man be an indication of prostate disease - for example, a prostate inflammation (prostatitis).

On the other hand produces a normal amount of urine despite frequent urination especially at the Mrs also often by the so-called overactive bladder (or irritable bladder), in early pregnancy or estrogen deficiency after entering the menopause.

In addition, an increased urge to urinate can be a symptom of following diseases his or disorders:

In addition, radiation therapy or bladder surgery can cause an uncontrollable (imperative) creates urgency.

an increased night urination, that is an occurring while lying urge to urinate, may also have different causes, for example:


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