20 July 2017

Dx-Racer 6 | F # 8211; Series

Gaming chair: # 8222; Dx-Racer 6 | F # 8211; Series # 8220;

If we look again DXRACER generally, we find heruas that it is one of the largest, most professional and most experienced provider of office and gaming seating worldwide. DXRACER brand actually comes from the automotive parts and racing industry where DXRACER very well-known and well-known manufacturers such as OMP or MOMO supplied with equipment. The DXRACER products are so good that they are now being exported all over the world and have the company thanks to careful quality control (ISO9001) and multiple innovations introduced an excellent reputation.

Beautiful design and high quality standards

This Shapely gaming chair from the house DXRACER can count itself by numerous innovations to the more advanced Gaming Chairs and actually trumps due to the professional manufacturers DXRACER by high quality standards and comfort. The zertzifizierten Racing Seats from the racing area once produced by DXRACER even met the FIA ​​safety standards.

However, as with all other gaming chairs of DXRACER also, in this gaming chair the understanding for best comfort and ergonomics is incorporated. Thanks to the thoughtful design and intelligent thoughtful design all work processes are simply more effective and the working environment can be truly and significantly improve through this chair. In addition, the health is sustained increases in this chair through correct sitting and productivity # 8211; regardless whether it is during gaming or at work # 8211; is easily transported to the next level. In this gaming chair, the functions as well as the elegant and useful design no competition make and are located in every way. we are excited.

The Formula Series # 8211; Profiaustattung for all budgets

Specifically, the models from the Formula (F-series), as this chair, it is also among the currently most popular and at the same time also most inexpensive models. These are very popular course, also in the gaming sector. In concrete terms, it is in this model is a black and white colored Formula swivel chair, which is covered with artificial leather. It also has a soft, robust and thus durable upholstery cold foam and is extremely stable with a stable tubular steel frame as a base. Thus, the chair weighs 26 KG and sits on a aluminum base with 5 double security roles.

Since this Gaming Chair comes with an extra high backrest, this chair is also good for people geeigente to 1.95 m. Really Akktraktiv we find the hand with incorporated logo on the backrest. The backrest can be adjusted to a reclined position even up to 170 degrees, in this case the angle between the backrest and the seat in any position is adjustable. This model from DX Racer can be adjusted, of course, also by gas lift in the seat height and you have here a margin of 6.5 cm at all on the situation or necessity to readjust. A maximum body weight of 120 KG should not be exceeded.

Here did not save at the wrong end # 8211; Top features

But also features such as a tilt mechanism and adjustable armrests have been installed in this really great gaming chair. These armrests are easy on the desired height and protect with correct setting of possible hand or Armgelenksschmerzen. As all Währe not enough donated DXRACER additionally two neck # 8211; and lumbar cushion to protect the spine optimal. We are excited.

The structure of this gaming chair should not be a problem. A guide is also sent and the chair is really well thought out, so that even the mere mortals hinbekommt building without title. Otherwise, just build the chair zuzweit, it will work out.

For our part, an absolute buy recommendation, just like any other gaming chairs from the house DXRACER too. They are simply worth the money.

Manufacturer Description

The manufacturer # 8222; DXRACER # 8220; is one of the largest, most ambitious and most professional supplier of office furniture and seating gaming in general. Which is especially for the producer # 8222; DXRACER # 8220; speaks is that they were once active as an established brand in the automotive and in the Rennsportbrance and supplied within this well-known manufacturers such as MOMO and OMP. It is this know-how is reflected precisely in the extremely high quality products from DXRACER again. So in this very special gaming chair. By Worldwide Exports and strict quality control according to ISO9001 and a variety of innovations, the manufacturer DXRACER enjoys an excellent reputation.


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DXRACER 6, executive chairs with armrests

DXRACER 6 Product details:

Gaming Chair DXRACER 6

DXRACER 6. This manufacturer of gaming chairs is on everyone's lips. On any eSports events and streams you can see the professional gambler (or ambitious "Noobs" ��) the colorful chairs of DX Racer sit. I looked at that time also a gamer chair from the DX Racer F-Series and ordered him for over a year in continuous use while gambling. Therefore, I want to tell you my experience with my DXRACER 6, as so proved a chair permanently in eSports and whether the price is worth!

A listing on what it has can be found here with the standard models of DXRACER.

explained simply review the DXRACER 6

The special convenience and all additional features convince me today. A big advantage compared to many other gaming chairs, the special operation of the armrests. These are 8-adjustable in height, and moreover also horizontally rotatable.
The DXRACER 6 can be adapted to the realities at home super thus. What is. For me as a "gambler" really the advantage

Another important advantage is the tilt mechanism with locking function. This makes it possible the entire backrest change in position and adjust according to the body. Many buyers even reported. that you already frequently have fallen asleep on their DXRACER 6 and then just stayed in it the whole night. The argument I can confirm at this point, because a friend and me this is "happens more often LAN parties" link. ��

The colleague has simply uses the tilt function and put the chair in a relaxed sitting-lying position. The robust and solid construction of the chair, it is possible "to take continuous operation." Him Furthermore, the DXRACER 6 was able to score with its stable steel frame and aluminum base.

the scope of delivery

The package includes cushion for the neck and back area. This provides an ergonomic operation. give the spine and Nackenmuskulator, a special stop.
Delivery and assembly of the DXRACER 6

The delivery was to my surprise, rather in a compact package from Amazon.

The chair is broken down upon delivery into three major parts: back, the actual seat and the star-shaped, foot. The assembly of the DXRACER 6 is accomplished with an Allen key within 5 minutes. I am sure that the assembly can be mastered by anyone. This makes a significant plus for the DXRACER 6th

DXRACER 6The optics of the DXRACER 6

Yes, without question, the chair looks hammer. It comes with an elegant leather look in the race seat format and therefore has an intriguing quality. Instinctively, I have dealt with the functions quickly and a comfortable seating position found. At LAN parties I always look like a racer, I love these looks ��.

Continuous use during a LAN party

First of all, said lately the LAN parties accumulate and the chair is my constant companion. That said, I've been testing within 7 days, the chair 12 hours a day at a time and slept the rest of the time.

I have the chair now been over a year and he has not lost its padding, often it is so that after some time, the seat is worn-out. If that happens again, I'm going to write a quick update.

Mentioned I have just now that I forbear many LAN Party's lately so I can check how the chair arrives and above all the most important as it sit for a long time, constantly is in the back or neck.

So far I can say that after such marathons no pain can be seen in the back and neck.

Other LAN members who have the DXRACER have, I also reported that it is similar to you and they would buy this chair again.

My conclusion can be summarized quite scarce.

Those who opt for the DXRACER 6, will have a lot of fun with it, because the high quality and extensive functionality of the chair allow you comfort that you would not want to miss. It is suitable in itself not just as a gamer chair, but definitely for the office. Whether at home or at work, with the sleek design, you will be very many to envy the DXRACER 6th Many features that are included in DXRACER 6, provide a comfortable sitting experience. The manufacturer Robus Lund (DXRACER) gives a recommendation of two to three hours daily. My personal experience has shown that at least I could stand up to 6 hours.

In any case, I suggest you read the gaming chair DXRACER 6. Especially if you do not want to forgo luxury then.

We had a lot of joy in our gaming stool test and are sure that you will also have a lot of fun with it!


DX-RACER 6 white Gaming Chair 62506SW5

Office chair DX RACER 6 62506SW5

Gaming chair, black / white, leatherette

load: 100kg
Reference: Synthetic Leather, 100% polyurethane
Color: black / weiЯ
Armrests: yes / hцhenverstellbar
Seat type: Sports seats
Sitztechnik: tilt mechanism
SitzgrцЯe (W x D): 53 x 54cm
Sitzhцhenverstellung: 43 - 52cm
Lehnenhцhe: 82cm
FuЯkreuz: nylon, black
Roles: multifunctional roles closed for all Bцden
others: sports seat with molded flanges (bucket seat), tilt - individually adjustable to the Kцrpergewicht, Rьckenlehne with harness for Hцhenverstellung of Lordosenkissens - to 135 degrees adjustable, steplessly lockable FuЯkreuz weiЯen with anti-slip zones
Delivery: disassembled, including Kopfstьzenpolster and lumbar cushion.

We ship with

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Robas Lund DXRACER 6

Today, the gaming chair is Robas Lund DXRACER 6 the focus of our article. That means we will always explain to you how the features that lift the DXRACER 6 from the mass of other gamers chairs.

How could some of you know already, it is the Robas Lund DXRACER 6 by a branch of the Formula series (Also called F-series). This is only the old name because Robas Lund or DXRACER have changed the names. To durchzublicken in the forest of DXRACER models we recommend you to articles on all DXRACER chairs. DXRACER Overview

In this article we would like to suggest you a gamer chair not because of its appearance. rather because of the fit to buy. Each chair is targeted to specific audiences and thus Body statures designed and optimized. So the DXRACER 6 .

The four reasons for this gaming chair

adjustable armrests
Height adjustment of the seat
For the price of high-quality workmanship
Very easy installation

processing & design


The DXRACER 6 comes with a white black combination of synthetic leather Therefore, and we like that at least as good as the DXRACER third is completely black.

The Processing of artificial leather becomes repeatedly praised. whether in the reviews at Amazon or other portals, where we have researched.

Chance is drawn however on improper processing under the seat (under the seat). Since everyone has to decide how much emphasis is placed on # 8211; we would be at the price does not matter. What, and is also still criticized is a strong chemical odor when unpacking the chair. This is sure of the production and should disappear after a few days.

The artificial leather, however, gets consistently good reviews. We found a blog where someone has a 2 year old DXRACER 6 had at home, in which the leather looked like on the first day (exaggerated) and with daily use of 4-5 hours. But you should be careful that you do not sit with new, unwashed jeans on the chair. Because here you can fall on your nose very angry when suddenly the washes of jeans rub off on the white leather. So watch out!

As with any new DXRACER models, there is a base with anti-slip pads even when DXRACER 6th This ensures that you present your shoes can be parked in the base, abzuruschten without running the risk. However, the pads are kept at this model in white. We recommend that you turn off so no dirty street shoes on the pads.

What was also very good rates are the lumbar and neck supports the gamer chair of DXRACER. These can adapt their individually to your body size. This is done via a kind # 8222; suspenders # 8220; the chair. With the help of which you can move the lumbar support up and down and fix.

height adjustment

DXRACER 6DXRACER 6 As with the identical brother, the DXRACER one can see the Seat height continuously from 42 cm to 52 cm adjusted by means of a gas lift. So you can adjust to the appropriate seat height chair. but makes sure that her previously your perfect seat height for the DXRACER 6 must find out. A guide is available here: 3 steps for optimum seat height

Tip: What many do not know you can you install in your chair, if the manufacturer's specifications match your body size, a different gas spring.

Neck and lumbar support

As described at the beginning of the article, the Neck and lumbar support when DXRACER 6 included. By the parallel loops you can the Adjust Lodosenkissen to the appropriate height. the you need to your lumbar support.

The neck pillow should already sitting in the right position so that you can prop up your neck on the pillow.

Inclination of the backrest & tilt function

DXRACER 6DXRACER 6 As usual for the F-Series you can fold up to 135 degrees to the rear backrest. This is especially true sense if you want to sit back after a hard time gamblers evening ��

The tilt function the chair can you release by the lateral lever or disable it if you do not need the tilt function or bothers you.

As with any chair of Formula series also have the Armrests from DXRACER 6 infinitely variable height adjustment between 25 and 35 cm. We see the feature somewhat skeptical because you can adjust the armrests difficult at the same level without a firm lock. The ergonomic deepening armrest surfaces is usual with DXRACER, even when DXRACER 6 available. This is intended to counteract a slipping of the elbow.

roll & footbase


At the footbase are already mentioned above Anti-slip pads for the storage of your feet. I am, for example, someone who loves these pads because I turn off my feet all the time on the star base if I zocke �� Therefore: Super Feature! The star base itself is made of plastic and nylon and therefore very stable.

The roles although not explicitly designed for parquet, yet one reads in many reviews of this chair that the rollers perfectly even on parquet function.

However, we would you strongly recommend that you install as shown by gentle parquet roles or to use a base. A scratched parquet looks very ugly and very expensive to repair! Therefore, rather safe than sorry.

With a diameter of 5 cm, the roles are not the smallest but one notices a difference in certain roles. Thus, the rollers used could be a bit difficult to move from DXRACER 6 such as larger roles in other models. Wen but that does not bother who can access. One does not roll through the office ��

delivery & Assembly

Upon delivery of everything is there:

  • enough padding
  • assembly Instructions
  • All components of the chair
  • Tool

For reports and reviews on this chair an assembly time of about 30 minutes is given. Depending on the technical skill that should last a long time more or less.

The Mounting the DXRACER 6 consists of 7 easy steps:

  1. attach wheels on the star base
  2. Fasten anti-slip pads at the turnstile
  3. using gas lift into the star base
  4. Screw the backrest on the seat
  5. Install blinds from the tilting mechanism
  6. Install seat adapter
  7. Place the seat area on the gas-lift

Even if the structure is possible in principle alone, but with a second pair of hands, it is probably still easier # 8211; so at least the voices on those different test sites.

The complete installation instructions found her way, here: http://files.dxracer-europe.com/guides/20150206035816737.pdf

All you want to know for sure how the chair arrives with you at home, right? we knew but �� We have you picked out a unboxing video, where you get a first impression of the delivery.

Conclusion for DXRACER 1

Should you have a small physique and not be over 1.80 meters tall, the DXRACER 6 is a good choice.

You know actually that it's 6 about the F-series (the Formula series) is the Robas Lund DXRACER the DXRACER series?

No reviews available


DXRACER chair: Comparison # 038; Buyer's guide

As we noted in our gaming chair guide will come among our readers again and again Questions for the perfect DXRACER chair for each body type on. No wonder: Every gamer is different in terms of weight, height and width. What many do not know that DXRACER has designed its chairs for different body sizes. Thus, each gamer can theoretically choose the perfect itself DXRACER chair - provided he knows the details of each DXRACER series. In this article I want to show you in brief, which DXRACER chair is perfect for that body measurements !

Which DXRACER is right for me?

So how do you now his ideal DXRACER chair? First, you should take a an overview for which height and which body weight the various DXRACER series are designed. When you nor your own measurements know, ideally, you can quite easily find the candidate for you copies of the following tables:

DXRACER buying advice: Height

The first step to best DXRACER for you is always the view of your height. Depending on how large you are can you find in the table the right DXRACER models for you:


DXRACER buying advice: Weight

Have you selected the appropriate models because of your body size, you should in the second step your mass honestly identify and filter on with the following table (!):


If you have not you angestellet completely stupid (or fits thanks to a vast bulk phase in any of the categories) should you now have identified for you eligible DXRACER series actually. Thus the first step is done, but once the second follows: DXRACER model series in the details!

The individual DXRACER chairs in detail

First of all the standards: The following features have all DXRACER series in common:


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