20 July 2017

DXRACER 5 Gaming Chair

Product description

DXRACER 5 # 8211; Made to convince!

DXRACER 5Who does not know it? a new desk chair in the hope of finally being able to spend comfortable hours before the PC without you buy to be plagued by back pain. But in the end you will be disappointed again. The despair is great.
Do not present a gaming chair will convince you: the DXRACER 5 from the F-Series. The brand DXRACER stands for highestquality and a reasonable price-performance ratio. The gaming chair. Racer Look "is available in the color combination black / gray. At first glance, it convinces particularly by its sportiness. Unlike the DXRACER 1 confident of DXRACER 5 through a simpledesign from gray and black reference, characterized less obtrusive and more easily combined with the housing means. The special design was inspired by a bucket seat.

The total height of the chair is 132cm. It weighs 26kg. The manufacturer promises a TÜV-testedproduct with 2 years warranty.

DXRACER 5The purpose of a gaming chair is to allow the gamer a good seating position for hours. Why was the DXRACER 5 under scientificrecommendations manufactured.

The seat comfort DXRACER 5 is very high, for which, inter alia, ergonomicshape responsibility of the chair. In addition, he can be due to its shape and the numerous configuration options as back-friendly and. describe healthy "chair. Supporting a health-givingattitude also affects the everyday life of that positive. In addition, the circulation in the legs is not affected. The additional head and lumbar cushions can be individually adjusted according to taste, increase as the seating comfort of the player.


DXRACER 5Of the DXRACER 5 impresses with its robust design and its qualityprocessing. There are exclusively selected materials used to provide a perfectmechanism to grant. The chair has a, from the Racing technology developed, tubular steel frame. As padding cold foam is used, which allows together with the cover made of 100% polyester has a high degree of comfort. The supplied head and lumbar cushions are made of artificial leather. For one solidStop ensures the turnstile made of nylon. The five double security roles with a diameter of 5 cm can be rolled easily.


Of the DXRACER 5 is rotatable about 360 degrees. It also has a specialheight adjustment. Often there is the problem that the overall height adjustment of chairs often not ideal fits the desk. Of the DXRACER 5 overcomes this problem with a 8-levelHöhenverstellbarkeitssystem. which is caused by the column of air-lift pump. The 8-step system ranges from 42cm to 52cm. The amount is, therefore, to personalcomfort sensations customizable. By unentspanntes seats, it comes in many cases to neck and back pain.

DXRACER 5The extremely high backrest is up to 135 degrees tiltable, so the gaming chair almost reclined can be set. The chair also has a tilt function and the associated activatable Caps Lock. With a seat surface of the 52x45cm DXRACER 5 can with a body weight of up 100 kg be loaded. And the armrests are height to be adjusted so that even with optimal settings thewrists are protected. In addition, the armrests are horizontalswiveling. perfect to suit the circumstances. TheSoftpad Pads on the armrests are very comfortable and easy on the elbow. Therubber padsontheturnstile above the rollers to avoid slipping of the feet.

Price-performance ratio

For an unbeatable price, the buyer gets a versatile functional gaming chair, with above-average comfort. In addition, the chair has additional features such as the adjustment of the armrests on the horizontal plane or an 8-level height adjustment. Such special extras will hardly find in a preisgünstigerem model. Therefore, the price for this model class is justified.

thanks Amazon.de takes delivery of the DXRACER 5 usually 1 # 8211; 2 days. Through the thoughtful installation instructions and a quick-to-understand illustrations of the chair is built very quickly. Pitching time varies mount the chair according to the number of persons.

DXRACER 5In summary, we can the DXRACER 5 a clearbuy recommendation pronounce. This gaming chair convinces not only by its above averageseating comfort. but also by many already mentioned extras. Starting with the high-qualityprocessing. see use of the materials, to the optimumadaptability. such as. the adjustment of the armrests on the horizontal position.

The price-performance ratio is unbeatable. For this price obtains a gaming chair class the offers everything you could wish for a gaming chair. Although cheaper variants are more attractive at first glance, one should remember that these models are often not durable. Therefore, it makes more sense to make some extra money in a Premium model to invest than having to repeatedly set a new chair.

price comparison


Dx Racer 5 | F # 8211; Series

Gamer Chair: "DXRACER 5 | F series "


Of the # 8222;DXRACER 5 | F Series Gaming Chair # 8220; characterized by its comfortable and solid seats from . while by externalsportiness in addition to first-classappearance occurs. It guarantees I entered the most seats. Whether at home in front of the domestic high-end PC while gaming or office

while the office work. but it is the Vroallem sporty cut design, which in thisGaming chair a class for exceptionally good looks ensures and provides it best equipment and many important functions .

Gaming chair # 8211; The processing

Who in these gamer chair invested one obtains Top Product . because of quality fabric material consists of 100% Polyester and a stable hub out nylon . especially the stylish and akktraktive lettering and the Color combination black / gray let this gamer chair of the House DX Racer modern and extravagant appearance.


gamer chair # 8211; features

the necessaryComfort of the chair is determined by the extra pillows in the neck and back area offered. a a perfect fit for seats to enable the can Seat height adjusted individually and continuously be, ranging from 42 cm up to 52 cm . Here, the chair offers a Seat area of ​​52 x 45 cm . Burdened this can with a total weight of 100 kg become. The proposed use of time by the manufacturer amounts to approximately 3 to 4 hours a day in order to avoid general to prolonged sitting. But even in this Splendid specimen of Gaming Chair this proposed service life can be exceeded easily, without pulling phsysiologische problems by themselves. Since the backrest adjusted to almost 170 degrees may be, the chair has in the period of use All of convenience . Also, does this ingenious Gaming Chair from the house DXRACER with a very comfortable and durable upholstery . Pflegleichtes and hochertiger and durable quality material distinguish this model from also. DX Racer has of course the right way also for choosing this model of the F-series, the important tilt mechanism and locking function to rent. TheArmrests are adjustable in height . so that with proper and individual height adjustment the wrists spared be while gambles or the mouse and the keyboard at the desk performed work. Which of course can not be missing and of course with it is, the Column with Pulsometers . to the Total height of the gaming chair for personal requirements adjust . For the necessary security on and around the chair is also admirably taken care of, because this a satbilen tubular steel frame was designed. He is a Body weight of up to 100 KG suitable. But we have learned that it 10-15 KG over may be.


The structure of the gaming chair

Before returning the gamer chair issafely packaged and delivered disassembled . recommend a Structure with at least two people . around the gaming chair to fit properly. thanks to thesophisticated and well thought-out construction Gamer chair should the Construction no problems represent. With the delivery of the gamer chair include aeasy to understand instructions and an Beschlagsatz .

The gamer chair # 8211; Conclusion

The DKRacer 5 from the F series offers ahighconvenient use if only because of the armrests, which sit on areal pleasure do. thanks to the continuously adjustable height the gaming chair can precisely be adjusted to the user and also the Price / performance ratio # 8211; A gaming chair on the fun and makes sitting of ALL the important features offers that can be ale true-gamer desires. We are excited and recommend this Gaming Chair unconditionally. The only significant drawback is the relatively small armrests.

Here again the most important technical details:

  • Overall height (with base): approximately 125.5 # 8211; 132 cm
    Height from bottom seat surface (base): ca. 35.5 # 8211; 42 cm
    Height of upper edge of the seat (base): ca. 46.5 # 8211; 53 cm
    Backrest Height: about 79 cm
    Wide backrest inside: about 33 cm
    Wide backrest outside (widest point): 57 cm
    Wide seat inside: approximately 31.5 # 8211; 37 cm
    Wide seat outer (widest point): 50 cm
    Total depth (without base): approx 52 cm
  • Weight: 26 kg
  • Material: steel (frame), cold foam (padding), fabric (Reference)
  • Color: black with white accents
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years
  • features:
    comfortable & resistant upholstery
    High-quality and durable quality fabric
    Flexible seat height
    Tilt mechanism with locking function
    Adjustable backrest angle (up to 170 degrees)
    Armrests with height adjustment
    Incl. a head and a vertically adjustable lumbar cushion
    Column with Pulsometers
    Stable steel frame
    Nylonfußkreuz with 5 double security roles

Manufacturer Description

The manufacturer # 8222; DXRACER # 8220; is one of the largest, most ambitious and most professional supplier of office furniture and seating gaming in general. Which is especially for the producer # 8222; DXRACER # 8220; speaks is that they were once active as an established brand in the automotive and in the Rennsportbrance and supplied within this well-known manufacturers such as MOMO and OMP. It is this know-how is reflected precisely in the extremely high quality products from DXRACER again. So in this very special gaming chair. By Worldwide Exports and strict quality control according to ISO9001 and a variety of innovations, the manufacturer DXRACER enjoys an excellent reputation.


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DXRACER Racer 5 black / gray

Due to chronic-related back pain I had to replace my old cheap office chair and a new model was needed.
I sit a day forced nearly two to three hours before my home-based work and am therefore in urgent need of a comfortable / comfortable model that my back is not stressed very much.
hear me through some reviews on Amazon and have consequently ordered my chair there.

The price is actually relatively high, but worth it to scrape together the money and invest it for this chair, especially a chair should be a long-term purchase.
With a helper and the correct manual, the structure designed as simple. The wrench was already there, but unfortunately only the sketches in the manual are very far from reality.
Everything is possible with only one person in the final stages but, at best, two people are for attaching the chair to the foot needed.

Visually, the chair is a real eye-catcher. The two armrests can be easily adjusted, the backrest can be shutdown until lying position or up to 90 °. The altitude of the chair is also infinitely adjustable.
I actually prefer leather, as have broken with me when polyester unfortunately after a few months individual threads. Can trim away any problems you however and everything is like new. The rollers are clean and fluid, it can be transported easily.

The chair done since then on day two years his services and everything is impeccable so far up on the little above criticism. For my part, therefore, a clear buy recommendation. Have been using no more back pain.

For those who sit a lot

On Plus.de the chair has 50 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars total.

Enthusiastic buyers praise the seating comfort and the good workmanship of the chair. He would be very stable and robust. The materials were very well chosen and durable.
Also, could you look super lean back and still be very comfortable due to the tilt function. One could spend all day on the chair without getting pain.
Also, the chair leave very easy to assemble. The amount'll pretend continuously.
The attached seat cushions are removable.

Some critical voices complain that the rollers are made of plastic and are quite noisy on laminate and tile.
Also, some objectionable to the narrow seat.
Also written frequently that the chair could smell out of the box by Chemistry, the smell would be gone after a few days.

Conclusion: The office chair cuts off quite well in the community. Installation is simple and the comfort would be very satisfactory. The chair is comfortable and durable. The price-performance ratio was more than okay.
Whether for the office or for people who sit on computers a lot and work for every personal need, the chair fits.

The DX Racer 5 Gaming Chair is evaluated on the Internet platform Amazon with 4.2 stars out of 5. With a total of 143 reviews the furniture cuts pretty neat, especially the design is a main argument for buying. So forgave 85 people full star score, this particularly praised the high level of comfort and the ease of assembly of the office chair. In addition, the adjustable backrest is mentioned, which is perceived by many as a convenient and highlight. In addition, the build quality is very high, the materials are pleasant to touch and outstanding.

In addition to the positive experiences there are also negative reports, 19 people were obviously not impressed by OFFERED gaming chair. This awarded one to two stars and criticized in particular the maximum seat height as well as the chemical smell at delivery. With an overall height of 130 centimeters, it is not suitable for larger people and also in terms of weight, the manufacturer is a load capacity of 100 kilograms. Furthermore, some are not convinced of the comfort her and also the processing is occasionally mentioned in the negative sense.

On the whole, however, the buying public is positive tune, the DX Racer 5 is primarily a gaming chair that is designed for gamers. With its chic, sporty look, he tricked to address the younger generation. According to the manufacturer and experience the backrest is adjustable up to almost 180 degrees, so you can in theory be in the chair. The installation is described by many as an easy and self-explanatory, also the comfort is very comfortable and is the design of the nothing.

In summary, the DX Racer 5 a solid impression. It convinces with a great look and is also seen price not that expensive for a desk chair. Who is not too big nor weighs 100 kg, which can safely buy this product. My impression is in any case largely positive, so that I can agree with the buyers only and pronounce a clear recommendation.

Racing feel for the office

As a motorsport enthusiast I have of course the DXRACER Racer 5 added myself in black / gray. At first I was thinking on easy to assemble an old Recaro sports seats including console on the frame of an old office swivel chair. However, this was all too top-heavy and the tilt function was not transferable. Before I as long rumba stel got I'd rather buy the same DXRACER.
From a processing perspective, the chair has many good characteristics such as e.g dasfestes polyester fabric and the solid designed armrests that do not bend under pressure to the outside.
The seat is based on a tight cushions on the back side, the back is mounted. It can be in my opinion for each body will find the ideal seating position The chair is individually adjustable in the rear area of ​​the neck and lumbar vertebrae,
He embodies an ideal gaming seat for long sessions. I personally like the fabric cover not only looks better, but he also takes sweat better and is not as slippery as a leather chair. Even after eight months of continuous use now everything works like the first day.

Despite bargain deals for under 100 euros you should if you will see a chair rather pick up the DXRACER. Everything fits together. Price is 199, - fair through Amazon. Therefore, I forgive 5 points and would recommend the chair.

can be found for this product 141 user reviews on Amazon which were rated with an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars.
85 reviews with 5 stars follow 24 reviews with 4 stars, 14 with three stars, eleven votes with 2 stars and seven reviews with a star.

The product design is described by users as a valuable and beautiful.
The processing of the chair is very noble and many users gave a positive surprise.

The composition of the chair is described as fast and easy. The parts were found quickly and the guide was very helpful, so the chair after a good 10 minutes was completely built according to most users.

The seating comfort of the product is described as absolutely top of the majority of users on Amazon.
You've had enough seat and the chair is very back-friendly due to its well-padded back.
One user even wrote that he since he had the product use no back and neck pain more.

was the only negative aspect of the chair that some users to sequence newly smell the first day extremely strong, but the smell of a good week would disappear.

All in all, the product is a premium product with which most users are extremely satisfied on Amazon.
So if you are looking for a desk chair which is very good for the back and ensures a comfortable sitting for hours, here's to the right place.

First-class gaming chair

Who much and likes to sit at the computer, which knows how important really is a chair, because otherwise occur seat discomfort and other problems. The "DXRACER Racer 5" exactly opposes this matter, which he copes with flying colors. For the chair you have to lie down in about 230 euros. The buyers on Amazon are more than satisfied in any case, as you can see from the reviews:

First of all, the structure stands, because the chair is delivered dismantled. but here everything is already largely been infected and you need only simple turn the screws. Overall, the building is described as simple and straightforward.

Included are also still a neck and a lumbar pillow. Both come good and is of course optional, so you must not use it. Of course you can adjust this chair even in the height and tip over the back. The latter is quite unusual, as you can tilt back so far this that one reaches a horizontal position. Sort of like the dentist. something unnecessary, in my eyes, but some people may thus perhaps do something.

One or the other buyer then complained something to comfort, though most extraordinary praise him. Here again the subjective perception plays a crucial role. That must find out for yourself for everyone. Some criticize even the chemical odor of unpacking the chair. but this is normal and after a few days it disappears again. Otherwise, there are no negative points to mention here.

The "DXRACER Racer 5" makes a very good impression and belongs to the desk, where they are working or gambled. For the price certainly not a bargain, but definitely worth the money.

Is its reputation - Quality pays off!

(Used 2 years) After my last computer chair was no longer usable, I wanted to buy myself a better quality seating. In the face of the fact that I spend a lot of time at the computer, the dragons and the due work activity, I wanted this time to buy a very high quality and comfortable chair. Online I researched a lot and then I also soon encountered the DX Racer Racer 5 gaming chair. Many customers are saying later, this gaming chair seemed to be ideal, which led ultimately to my purchase of this most modern-looking chairs.
I personally says the gray / black version of the DX Racer Racer 5 product more than the red / black, because it acts more noble and more suited to an adult in my opinion. Comfortable I ordered this gaming chair on Amazon and PayPal, I paid the purchase price in the amount of 280, - 4 days later, the large package was then already with me.

The structure:
With great anticipation, I opened the package clunky acting. Much styrofoam filled in the package and separated the three major units of the gaming chair. All parts made a good impression and worked extremely well made and of high quality. The structure of the gaming chair of DX Racer Racer was to put the three parts, consisting of the back, the foot with wheels and the actual seat together. I am strictly gone to the clearly acting instruction and have the gaming chair then after about 40 minutes assembled in front of me had. The scope of supply was the right tool for assembling the chair included- clear plus in my opinion. In some places I might have the assistance of another person use, but I could not wait until my wife homecoming comes to help me. With the robust Allen key and the good guidance I have also made it well alone.

Appearance and impression:
Even when assembling the gaming chair I noticed that the chair just looks great! It should be that way. My enthusiasm made me almost do somersaults. The quality is outstanding and seeks its equal. I had never had such a modern, classy and comfortable seating acting as the DX Racer Racer 5 gaming chair! I sat down on it the same and was really excited. I immediately got my seating position found and the computer work seemed easier than ever. The combination of very comfortable seats and the fact that you can not hangs like a drink of water in the curve, put me completely satisfied. The chair gives you a very good feeling of sitting.

The properties of the DX Racer Racer 5 Gaming Chair, I imagined the same. The height of the seat plane, can be regulated very pleasant by the most modern gas lift. I am 1.90 meters tall and just sit at your desk. The continuous adjustment of the height, is absolute luxury for me. At the exact point where the height is perfect for me, this can fix and get the seat! As well as the seat, the armrests can also have a gas lift, adjustable in height. Hours of work and dragons is granted thanks to the convenience and versatility of the DX Racer Racer fifth
Nice, I also think that the backrest can be screwed up to 170 degrees down (infinitely course: D). I like to do the backrest simply times back and relax in my chair quality! It is impossible to say whether the DX Racer Racer 5 gaming chair better to work or to relax is - both will be granted at the highest level.

consolidated experiences:
I regularly sit for several hours in the DX Racer chair and I can simply not at all complain of back pain more. I often had to take breaks when dragons and work because the pain in his back and neck were too hard in my old office chair. Since my two months with the Racer 5 model, these complaints have vanished without exception, as drastic as it sounds! The two small pillow can adjust at the back and neck area and wear after a long period of use, their part to sit comfortably in the chair at. The breathable material of the DX Racer, also allows one for hours, as well as sweat-free work on the computer. The excellent ergonomic fit in combination with the super properties of the DX Racer Racer 5 gaming chair, make him unconditionally perfect!

Conclusion of my experiences:
In addition to numerous professional gamers, I am also very pleased to own a DX Racer Racer 5 gaming chair. The seamless running of manko free appearance of the chair, with the absolute your convenience - even over a longer date range, making it an unrivaled number one for me!


DXRACER 1, 2 or 5 office chair for each 194,95 € (instead of 229 €)


If you've always or long an eye on the DX-Racer 1, 2 or 5 office chair has thrown, but have always hesitated because he was unhappy with the price, which can now at plus for each € 194.95 incl. shipping strike. Uses to the 5 € voucher from the newsletter.

The price comparison is 229 €. 220 Reviews example of DXRACER 5 gets on Amazon very good 4.2 out of 5 stars. Here one should not hesitate for long, because the quota is not infinite!

  • References: fabric, 100% Polyester
  • Pillow: Leatherette
  • adjustable armrests
  • adjustable height
  • Adjustable back to 170 °
  • Loadable up to max. 100.0 Kg
  • Incl. neck pillow
  • Incl. lumbar pillow
  • Turnstile made of plastic
  • Universal castors, 11mm pin

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does anyone know where to get spare parts (plastic panel) for the chair. The net is nothing to find.

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2 months 24 days ago

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Thanks Heinz for the info. I Sry did not know previously # 8230;

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4 months 16 days ago


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Is at the bottom of the post. It is always advisable to read exactly ��

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I had ordered me both (dx1 and DX5) at Amazon Primeday.

I returned them both again.

I do everything on the computer.
Whether playing, look series, my university stuff etc.

Construction was very easy. So much for that.

Seating comfort was getting used to ..
The upholstery was very thin!
processing was # 8211; OK.
What really bothered me was that if you sit back and arms (z.B.beim routes) could not stretch clever, because of the side rails.

All in all, it should try every time, but I'll stick with leather chairs in this price category without # 8222; Gaming Chair # 8220; in the description.

Hope I could help.

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10 months 18 days ago

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    DXRACER Robas Lund Racer5 test

    Assessment of our authors

    DXRACER RobasLund Racer5

    Robas Lund Racer5: Comfortable computer chair for gamers

    Although separate it with polyester cover, sport seat optics and the deliberate avoidance of the typical representation suitability worlds of a purebred executive chair: The Roba Lund Racer5 is in the eyes of the users of the perfect office chair for the extraordinary claim. As an executive chair he knows to convince, lumbar and pillows make the seats more pleasant than in the purely defined on the function of office swivel chairs next to its attractive design by adjustment functions. Sold it is of DXRACER, the world's largest, at its information manufacturer for computer chairs in office and gaming area.

    Shaped like an automobile accessories.
    Certainly: Such a design with seat look like a car accessories, seat with side bolsters in the area of ​​shoulders, pelvis and legs as well as the distinctive shape of the head support can be hard to find in boardrooms and offices of high earners, this lacks the necessary seriousness. On the other hand, the far through equipment, design and manufacturing quality of the mass which is classified "low-Racer" that are thrown already for 70 EUR by some competitors in the market. The chair with its seat area of ​​52 x 45 centimeters is height adjustable by gas spring, the star base is made in the lower price segment usual nylon defy the appeal have stability, writes the user base.

    . and ideal for up to four-hour gaming sessions
    Incidentally, showing its least mittelklassiges level already to: proof polyester fabric, solid-crafted armrests and cushions for neck and lumbar vertebrae, numerous details in the form of holes, horizontal retractable backrest or the optical bonds to the characteristic of a driver's workplace harness belts. On the other hand: The chair can be loaded only up to 100 kilograms and is recommended by the manufacturer only for a maximum of four hours of operating time. The user, however, does not dispute this: The Roba Lund Racer5 was a chair that was suitable good even for extended sessions in the gaming area. From the typical "crux" of many cheap chairs - the declining gas spring under weight load - is nowhere mentioned.

    Only with the lumbar and neck pillows - one too hard, the other very soft - one must get along, moreover, one should not expect the noblest Anmtung an office chair class. but he is always worth a recommendation for the sporadic use in the home office and in the context of a more sporty and unconventional furnishing style. It is available for 237 EUR on Amazon. he will Gerbracht only with fabric to the customer.

    to DXRACER Robas LundRacer5


    DX Racer5 desk chair with armrests, nylon, 78x52 cm x124-134,

    This offer includes: MengeArtikelB / H / TFarbeMaterialColliGewichtVolumen 1 x office chair seat.


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