Red eyes (red eyes): What are the causes?

21 October 2017

Red eyes (red eyes) can one or both sides occur. They occur when the blood vessels in the eye wide and let the whites of eyes thus appear red. The causes of red eye can be in irritation or overexertion, such as by:

But following reasons can cause red eyes:

A frequent Cause of red eye are broken capillaries in the eye, more precisely in the conjunctiva of the eye. Doctors refer to this from a Hyposphagma. With a broken veins in the eye, the eye becomes red, depending on the extent more or less, but I am having no other symptoms such as burning eyes or -jucken on.

To broken capillaries in the eye can occur quickly once, this often is enough vigorous coughing or sneezing. A ruptured veins is usually harmless and disappears like a bruise after about a week or two by itself.

However, if the person affected more often broken veins in the eye, may put too high a blood pressure behind it. A coagulopathy or anticoagulant drugs may favor a Hyposphagma.


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