Coated tongue (tongue coating): harmless or health problems?

21 October 2017

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A coated tongue is usually harmless hygienic reasons. Unpleasant the tongue coating is still as it often causes a furry feeling in the mouth and bad breath. but the coating on the tongue can also be a symptom of many different diseases. How does this happen?

The tongue is a coated mucosal muscle in the mouth, which is used to transport food and saliva in the mouth: Without tongue we could only bad chew or suck. Also understandable speech is hardly possible without tongue. Also to be found on the tongue senses of taste and tactile sensations: the so-called Touch and taste buds. Use the papillae we perceive different flavors: salty, sour, bitter, sweet or umami.

In a healthy person's tongue is usually pink to red colored. The color is due to the many blood vessels that run through the tongue muscle. On the tongue is a thin white layerThis normal tongue coating consists mainly of:

A coated tongue is mainly produced when certain mechanical factors disappear if we chew solid food, it comes to friction, the lining of the tongue usually largely away. Therefore, people who mostly liquid diet take (for example, during a juice fast) or their food to little chew, but quickly shut swallow, a stronger tongue coating. However, the covering can also be signs of poor oral hygiene.

When a coated tongue pathological causes - like infectious diseases or poisoning -, occur sometimes other symptoms such as a burning sensation on the tongue. First indication of whether and sticks which disease behind the tongue coating, can Colour provide the covering. Thus, the covering can on the tongue, for example,

appear. An infectious disease, which manifests itself by a white-coated tongue is as thrush. Your trigger is the Pilz Candida albicans. If food residues are responsible for the tongue coating, the color of which depends on the respective color of ingested food itself.


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