Spotting: Causes

21 October 2017

A spotting can basically three reasons to have. She can:

be caused. In many cases there is a hormonal trigger for spotting often associated with the menstrual cycle.

Cyclic spotting, so spotting that are associated with the menstrual cycle and occur regularly at the same time, can have different causes:

Vorblutungen (pre-menstrual bleeding), So bleeding that occurs two to three days before the expected menstruation, are usually the result of a so-called Luteal weakness (Corpus luteum insufficiency). The yellow body (corpus luteum) plays an important role in a woman's cycle. Among other things he produces progesterone (progesterone). In a corpus luteum weakness, the concentration of progesterone is low. This may result in that the cycle is shortened (polymenorrhoea) and spotting can occur. A corpus luteum weakness may be due to a thyroid disorder and is the most common cause of female infertility.

Rare Vorblutungen resulting from an estrogen deficiency in the second half of the cycle.

The so-called Ovulationsblutung or medium circulation may be a result of a corpus luteum weakness. It occurs with ovulation (ovulation) and may be accompanied by an aching pain, the Mittelschmerz.

Bleeding (spotting postmenstrual) are additional bleeding two to three days after menstruation. Possible hormonal causes for a bleeding may be:

Has taken root not fertilized egg about 24 hours after ovulation, the corpus luteum to fade begins. The progesterone levels in the blood decreases, the uterine lining is reduced again and much of it is excreted in the subsequent menstrual period. When this process is disrupted, there may be a post-menstrual spotting.

Organic causes of bleeding can be, for example:

In addition, cycle-dependent spotting can be used as Side effect of hormonal contraceptives occur, or by a hormone treatment to be triggered. Also after childbirth as during and after lactation the hormones can temporarily fallen out of balance and have spotting result.

In rare cases, a cancer may be cause for a cycle-dependent spotting, such as:

Independent cycle spotting are Not coupled to the female cycle. You can, for example,


If the lining of the uterus or the vaginal mucosa mechanically irritated smallest vessels can (capillaries) are injured and trigger a unique light spotting. This may for example happen if the woman concerned from a gynecologist spiral can be inserted or removed. Also intercourse can cause slight bleeding by mechanical irritation (so-called. Contact bleeding).

Furthermore, a incomplete curettage cause the uterine lining can not regenerate properly. This can also have spotting result.

spotting after menopause can be a sign of uterine cancer and should therefore be clarified to the doctor. However, a Hormone replacement therapy during menopause and various drug treatments can cause spotting.

Other causes of non-cyclical spotting can be:

Some women observed at the time of usual menstrual easy spotting in pregnancy. In many cases, this is harmless. It should be clarified by the gynecologist but because it can also be a sign of an impending miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy.

At the beginning of pregnancy, the Implantation of the egg as light spotting express (Einnistungsblutung).

A spotting in the subsequent pregnancy, for example, a result of increased circulation be and the increased pressure on the pelvic floor. This smallest blood vessels can burst (capillaries) and result in spotting under load. Let nonetheless clarify whether the cervix is ​​closed and there are no other causes for spotting.

When bleeding during pregnancy never is menstrual bleeding. A period during pregnancy is not possible!


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