20 July 2017

DXRACER 3 Gaming Chair

  • Material: Aluminum frame and steel frame, leatherette
  • Mass: about 22 kg
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Maximum recommended Height: 190 cm
  • Overall height: about 130 cm
  • Widest point: about 69 cm
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

Excellent choice: The DXRACER 3 Gaming chair

DXRACER 3Every gamer is clear that he has a back-friendly chair while gambling needed. Long gaming sessions to pay tribute, in the form of back pain. But those who for one comfortable gaming chair. of the manufacturing company DXRACER decides is Never again problems with the spine get. Highly recommended is the following product from the D-series. Of the DXRACER 3. With a high-quality and resistant synthetic leather related chair is not only in modern and sporty look Therefore, it also has Pillow at key points. in the neck and back area in order to guarantee the best comfort. In addition, the chair waiting with other features, which not only prepare gamers joy because of DXRACER 3 of course used also for the office .

For relaxation gamers often by video games. Sometimes they play hours on the PC. Since a good computer chair is essential. People who work full-time with computers, also sit Long time before the computer. Here is also important an excellent chair. The Company DXRACER is well known among gamers, finally, you often see their chairs on video game championships worldwide. That is not by accident.

DXRACER provides its customers with computer chairs with a very good quality and processing to disposal. The fact is, unfortunately, that gamers often save on the PC chair, although they otherwise always rely on high-performance technology. Who buys cheap, have to buy a new computer chair usually soon. Therefore it is said: Never by the Gaming save chair of health to love . Imagine we want at this point, the DXRACER 3. He is particularly resistant and the neck and back area are optimally supported by pillows. Not only gamers come up with this chair their money, even in the daily office work of the computer chair is essential.

adjustability & ergonomics

DXRACER 3the excellent high back can occur when DXRACER 3 be regarded as an absolute highlight. Finally, exactly, is missing in most conventional desk chairs for the office. It is just important that the entire spine is supported. The already attached to the headrest of the chair Gaming additionally ensures that the consumer can completely lean on. Furthermore can the backrest adjusted up to 170 degrees. Therefore, it is even possible for the consumer to take a comfortable reclining position. Every now and be able to vary the sitting position when working or playing back is, after hours at the computer. particularly necessary. Regardless of the position or angle decide the users, they can determine the gaming chair in this variant so that the arm does not change.

The owner of the DXRACER 3 can also his individually adjust armrests. There are a total of 8 different levels. which can be changed. Likewise, let the adjustable armrests in height. The rest is a Softpad edition cushions why prolonged sitting no problem represents. Who has found its optimal setting, which may Preventing back pain. Their own individual settings of DXRACER 3. make it a very comfortable gaming chair. It may only never forget from time to alter the seating position.

Quality of workmanship

DXRACER 3The coated with leatherette black gaming chair with red stitching is visually very athletic therefore. Not to any office fit the colors mentioned, so provides DXRACER its customers and customized designs. On the chair is sitting securely, thanks to a Tubular steel construction. Which carry up to 100 kg of total body weight can. Perfect grip and seat also provides the verformungsressistente foam. Even at first glance like quality that has been processed is striking. Of the DX Racer3 is for two playing easily assembled. Similarly, the aluminum base with 5 double security roles can be installed easily. The gaming chair comes disassembled. Executive chair (VPE: 1), instructions and fittings set includes doing the delivery. Unfortunately, the sketches are not always to scale, so you should be sure to pay attention to the dimensions during assembly.

Great value for money

"Convinced with the ergonomics and optics" (VERY GOOD with 91.25%)

We could the gaming chair DXRACER 3 quite convincing. Just ergonomics and build quality of high-quality materials ensure an adequate price-performance ratio. We think the chair is worth the money!

DXRACER 3Who wants to protect his body from overloads that can cause arm pain to back and hand as to which the DX Racer3 warmly recommend . For relatively little money buyers get a gaming chair here by numerous features. especially with the different settings. comes up. Enabling users to customize the gaming chair on their own individual needs, as well as permanent damage of the musculoskeletal system are prevented. Of the DXRACER 3 protects the back optimally. The stable construction is a long lifetime virtually guarantees.

tasted blood? Then opt for the quiet Gaming chair DXRACER . With the DXRACER 3 Model from the D-series You can not go wrong. The price is also appropriate to include you get an excellent gaming chair that provides lots of comfort and adjustability. So strike!

price comparison


The DXRACER 3 Review

DXRACER 3 The successor to the classic DX Racer rises in big footsteps, because even the DX Racer 1 has a huge fan Meinte, some DXRACER 3 Test. As expected, the quality this time very convincingly. The padding of cold foam with leatherette based and has even a reinforcement in the margin. The seat itself is secured with sturdy metal eyelets. Especially with cheap models is being saved here, making them wear out quickly just here. In this gaming stool test sieger.com comparison you will learn all the details.


Currently greatly reduced!
✔ TÜV tested
✔ loads up 100 kg
✔ With high-quality PU cover
✔ Super Sports Racer optics

Comfort of the DX Racer 3

DXRACER 3 On the basis of such a DXRACER 3 Review is already at the first clean seats a pleasantly comforting and secure feeling one, all controls are easily accessible and the possibilities for adjustment are absolutely perfect. We missed any innovative ideas, everything is generous and is a first-class seating comfort given.DXRACER 3

As with other gaming chairs of DXRACER there included two pillow for the neck # 8211; and the lumbar region .

These can be infinitely place, but just the neck cushion tends happy to slip upwards. Of course, there are no restrictions in the functions, if you want to use without this cushion the DXRACER prefer.

The structure of the DX Racer 3

DXRACER 3 Of the construction becomes very easy. It will no tools. or any prior knowledge required. The included allen wrench is absolutely sufficient for all the work. The construction takes place within a few minutes, an illustrated manual helps. If you still should be a little hard to do DXRACER also offers a Youtube Video. which can be accessed via a QR code. A second person is indeed helpful. but not absolutely necessary.

Accessories for DX Racer 3

You can against the standard roles comfortable. very good sliding Inline skate wheels change:


✔ Set 5 consisting of roller blade rolls
✔ Universally applicable # 8211; 11 x 22 mm and standard office chairs
✔ polyurethane wheels protect the floor (scratch resistant)
✔ Up to 300 kg load

Conclusion from some DXRACER 3 review:

The DX-Racer 3 without restrictions and with a clear conscience to recommend. The build quality is very good and the quality of materials promises long-time seating pleasure. You can say a pro gamer chair extra class. The functions and settings are mature. The only drawback might be the heavy weight for some. Who's Afraid of the DX Racer 3 will be left only in the office, or the gaming room have no problem because it rolls very good. However, if you still has to take him out with LAN parties, should perhaps resort to alternative gaming chairs.


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DXRACER 3 - Racer swivel chair black - leatherette

DXRACER 3 - Racer swivel chair black - leatherette


With the swivel chair DXRACER 3 provide racing feeling in the study. The chair with black synthetic leather cover is a real eye-catcher, providing good seating comfort, even during prolonged work at a desk. The height of the chair and the backrest can be adjusted to your liking. A small head and a lumbar pillow for extra comfort.

The carpet rolls supplied ensure a particularly good rolling behavior on carpet. If you want to place the chair on a tile or laminate flooring, we recommend our special hard floor castors with the item number 1015128400th

  • Color: Black
  • Reference: Synthetic Leather, 100% polyurethane
  • Frame: Nylon
  • Height adjustable - with gas lift
  • Adjustable backrest
  • incl. header and lumbar pillow
  • Resilience: a maximum of about 100 kg
  • Seat depth: 55 cm
  • Seat width: approximately 52.5 cm
  • Seat height: about 44-55 cm
  • Backrest height: 81 cm
  • Overall dimensions: WxHxD approx 74 x 117 to 127 x 50 cm

Reviews for the article DXRACER 3 - Racer swivel chair black - leatherette


DX Racer # 8211; 3 Series

DX Racer 3 Gaming Chair


Gamer Chair: "DXRACER 3 | D Series "

This is around the gaming chair # 8222;DXRACER 3 # 8222; from # 8222;D-Series # 8222 ;, which is provided with leatherette is related. Through the backrest of this gaming chair has a belt-torque in order his sporty character emphasized. This consists of Racerhigh quality and durable synthetic leather and the Turnstile is aluminum black . Of the modern look in black and thestylish lettering let this chair gamers look very akktraktiv andadditional and matching cushions in the back - and neck offer necessary comfort . The various functions and equipment offer a very high level of comfort in the performance of office tasks and long gaming sessions.


Processing the gamer chair

The gamer chair with Artificial leather coated and this is red stitching sold, creating a sporty look the chair is created. This gaming chair supports securely on a tubular steel construction on which aTotal body weight of 100KG can carry. by the verformungsressistenten foam . which in this gaming chair professionally processed has been, is a perfect grip and seat allows.


Features of the product

The gaming chair has a particularly high backrest . This is not the case with standard office chairs often. By this is the entire spine optimally supported . A special feature of the backrest, it is also that they be up to 170 degrees adjusted can, which makes it even possible for the user, reclined to reach. The gamer chair can the determine the angle between the seat and the backrest in any position so that the position that is comfortable or is required to be accurately maintained. Also the Armrests are adjustable and require the gamer chair as you wish adjusted in height become. Here there are eight different stages . which can be set and the rest is also a Softpad upholstered pad . Thus, unnecessary Pain be avoided . resulting in the arm when a long time the mouse is used in the computer. It allows each user the comfort of his gaming chair optimally adapted to your needs and also easily change at any time . Also the integrated headrest provides theGaming Chair of the user optimum safety .

Construction of the chair

The gamer chair can be due to a stable steel tube frame andstable Aluminiumfußkreuzes With five double security rolesvery easy to build and move on. The goods aredelivered flat pack and should be mounted with min. 2 persons. thanks to a well thought-out construction should not be a problem this is. Included is the executive chair (VPE: 1), a Fittings set and an easy to understand assembly instructions . It is a matter of # 8222;approximately # 8211; Dimensions # 8222 ;, the manufacturer. In part, theSketches are not to scale . So necessarily the note dimensions .

The gaming chair provides each user of a lot of time in front of his computer spends the possibility of his body as much as possible to protect them from the stresses . which could cause long term back pain and pain in the arms. By zahlreichen settings . the individually can be made, the back can optimally supported be and the position be changed as you wish. by his stable construction promises gamers a chair long lifetime and especially a lot of security and by its design it also even looks good.

Manufacturer Description

The manufacturer "DXRACER" is one of the largest, most ambitious and most professional supplier of office furniture and seating gaming in general. What especially speaks to the manufacturer "DXRACER" is that they were once active as an established brand in the automotive and in the Rennsportbrance and supplied within this well-known manufacturers such as MOMO and OMP. It is this know-how is reflected precisely in the extremely high quality products from DXRACER again. So in this very special gaming chair. By Worldwide Exports and strict quality control according to ISO9001 and a variety of innovations, the manufacturer DXRACER enjoys an excellent reputation.


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MCA DX Racer 3 black office chair DXRACER Gaming Chair [179,00 € + shipping costs]

Anyone looking for a new office chair should here slamming

The black executive chair Rodach recalls with its clearly segmented back padding and its striking, curved lines to the bucket seats modern sports car. The removable head cushion is fixed with an elastic material strip on the chair. On the cushions written in large letters the word DXRACER. Two compact armrests serve as a repository for his forearms. The five arms of the foot are each equipped with a roll with rotating joint. With its modern, sporty look, this chair fits well in a modern environment.

Maximum load / load capacity: 100 kg

The chair has in Amazon 4 of 5 stars.
is highlighted there the good quality, price performance and simplified installation.

Next price at Idealo 234 €.

There is not the model executive chair Rodach, but the data are given the same as the model DXRACER OH / DF03 / N.

The offer also includes local in Höffner without shipping costs.
If you register as a new customer for our newsletter you get yourself a voucher 10e.
So you can reduce the price with shipping to 188 e.


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