HbA1c: New HbA1c unit mmol / mol

21 October 2017

End of March 2010, the previous measure of HbA1c was changed: instead of as previously as a percentage adding the values ​​now Millimoles per mole of (mmol / mol) at. The reason for the new standard is particularly the international comparability.

The previous percentage, you can convert using a formula in the new unit: while the value of 2.15 is deducted from the percentage. Multiply the result by then 10.929.

HbA1c: New HbA1c unit mmol / mol

HbA1c Calculator

You know your HbA1c levels in percent (%) and want to convert them to the new unit mmol / mol? Or the other way around? Our HbA1c computer that's easy! For HbA1c calculator ...

The HbA1c value can be for better comparison, as in the following table also in an average Blood sugar convert. It should however be noted that the converted HbA1c only a rough guide can represent. For instance, if the blood sugar levels after eating may soar, this can be by HbA1c Not represent. To get the exact blood glucose levels, diabetics need it frequently measure itself.


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