Hamstring Therapy

21 October 2017

In a hamstring, the therapy depends on the severity of the injury. In any case: Discontinue any exercise immediately and treat the hamstring as soon as possible after the so-called PECH scheme (Phousing, eis, Compression, Hochlagerung)!

Do not try weiterzutrainieren with a hamstring! A suitable primary care (yet "on that place") May shorten the healing process significantly - sometimes by weeks. If you treat the hamstring quickly, you can prevent a lot of blood leaking from damaged blood vessels in the muscles. A bruise in the muscles can eventually lead to a scar that impairs the healing process.

In the hamstring treatment pressure bandage and cooling are considered standard, for example in the form of a so-called "Hot-Ice"-Verbands.

Ideally, treating a muscle directly after the onset of pain after the so-called PECH scheme. The procedure after the PECH rule applies in addition to the hamstring treatment for many other sports injuries.

The different letters, "BAD LUCK" stand for the initials of the four most important initial measures of therapy:

Pause: Who suddenly felt sharp pains in sports, should pause immediately. The only way to prevent further damage. has affected leg (or arm) be sedated.

ice cream: When hamstring tear muscle fibers and blood vessels. Treatment with cold prevents a large bruise (hematoma) arises because the in the cold constrict vessels and subsequently gets less blood to the injury. Therefore: The affected area should be cool immediately after the accident.

In addition, cold reduced pain and counteracts fluid retention (edema) in the tissues, thus ensures that the tissue swells less. Suitable cooling packs or a bag of crushed ice cubes. Please note: The ice may not be directly on the skin, this could lead to frostbite. Therefore, it is advisable to interpose a cloth or the like, or at least a "train" to beat a bandage around the thigh or calf and then hang up the ice. The Eisverband should be removed after about 20 minutes, after which a pressure bandage should be created with a cooling gel.

Compression (compression): As well as the cooling targets external pressure on the injured area from forward to avoid a major hemorrhage. Elastic wide-area compression bandages are useful for this purpose. In addition stabilizes and protects such a pressure bandage with elastic bandages muscle affected by hamstring. In no case, the association is allowed to sit too tight or constrict or it will become trapped vessels and nerves and damages.

Especially recommended is a Combination of cooling and pressure dressing. For this example, special cooling collars are suitable.

Elevation: By elevating the injured leg or arm less blood flows through the arteries in the injured muscle. On the other hand, facilitates this position that the blood flows through the veins. Consequently, the high camps further swelling and bleeding counters.

The picture shows a woman cools her knee. © Jupiterimages / Stockbyte

A hamstring should be treated quickly - most suitable for so-called cooling pad.

"Hot-Ice"-AssociationThe medical team of a sports team usually keeps a cooler ready. In it are

hurt an athlete, the coach puts him the cold union, thus ensuring the necessary compression. He then sprinkled the binding periodically with ice water by expressing a soaked the sponges over the dressing. Through this emergency measure a hamstring usually heals much faster.

Usually come in the hamstring therapy drugs are used, which act against the pain and also suppress the inflammatory response. Typical active ingredients are ibuprofen and diclofenac.

Some doctors and physiotherapists additionally set to certain enzyme preparations - However, their effectiveness is debatable!

Subject of the hamstring as the calf or the thigh, it is advisable not to burden the affected leg a few days full. Crutches are suitable auxiliaries. help in the further course of therapy

At the same time the force is not injured muscle is preserved thanks to the exercises.

Massages and stretching exercises you should avoid after a hamstring initially. These measures can slow the healing process or possibly lead to a kind of calcification in the muscles.

In some cases, doctors recommend treatment with syringes (injection treatment) in a hamstring. Local anesthetic or homeopathic remedies come into use, wherein it must be assumed for the latter from a placebo effect. On the benefits of so-called serum syringe as well as agents to prevent scarring that professional opinions differ.

Immobilisation of the muscles and tape associations should as far closer torn muscle fibers to grow back together by itself. In the further course also measures can physical therapy be useful, such as the hamstring treatment with Tens.

In a very large muscle fiber tear, greater than about one third of the cross section of the muscle strand concerned, a surgery to be necessary. The surgeon then sews the torn muscle fibers together. If a muscle tear with a large bruise along, the surgeon removes the blood once it has clotted.


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