Melanoma (skin cancer): History

21 October 2017

ever earlier it is possible to detect a malignant melanoma (skin cancer) and handled accordingly, the better are course and prognosis:

untreated skin cancer later in spreads ever further. Here, the melanoma is growing both horizontally and vertically. The vertical growth for skin cancer prognosis important:

In general, the 5-year survival rate in melanoma in recent decades more and more gone up: Overall, it is 84 percent in men, in women 88 percent. As soon as metastases occur in other organs, however, no cure longer possible - such an advanced skin cancer reduces life expectancy drastically: Depending on the findings, the five-year survival rate is then up to 5 percent.

After a melanoma operation is a regular follow-up important to discover recurrent malignant melanoma at an early stage and to monitor the therapy optimal. A reasonably treated skin cancer is associated with a risk of metastasis - within the first five years after treatment, it is the highest, then it sinks. Therefore, it is in the course of those five years advisable to have a quarterly study by dermatologist later every six or twelve months.


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