Radius fracture (broken spoke): Definition

21 October 2017

The radius fracture (in German: spoke breakage) is a forearm fracture, the only one the two bones in the forearm concerns: the Spoke (radius). The second bone of the forearm is Elle (ulna).
Radius and ulna form the bony connection between the hand and the elbow joint. The ulna is situated on the outer side of the forearm and takes over its guide in the elbow joint. The spoke against it is on the inside (thumb side) and bears the including the carpal bones.

break a spoke Typically, the spoke near the wrist broken: This so-called distal radius fracture is the most common fracture in humans at all. Here you can depending on the circumstances of the accident different types of fractures arise - which two are particularly important:

at children the radius fracture occurs frequently in the form of a so-called Greenstick fracture on - this means that the bone Although Broken, the periosteum however intact. If a broken spoke on along with a joint dislocation of the ulna at the wrist, it is called the Galeazzi fracture.

The radial fracture (broken spoke) occurs with great frequency: About a quarter of all the bones in humans are radial fractures. The spoke breaks close to 90 percent on the wrist: Every year, in Germany about 200,000 people such distal radius fracture to. Close to the elbow, the spoke is rarely broken.

Particularly widespread the radius fracture in children 6-10 years, as they fall more often. Another peak incidence is in the age between 60 and 70 years. The reason: In the older age or altered by osteoporosis bone structure bone stability is reduced. Then the risk of a broken spoke with each fall is substantially increased.


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