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21 October 2017

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Menstruation occurs in a cycle of an average of 28 days. It increases over one or two days and then be gradually again. occur between bleeding mostly as weak spotting (Spotting) on ​​outside this time. Often they are more pronounced than the ordinary period (metrorrhagia).

What is an interim period?

As an intermediate bleeding vaginal bleeding are referred to that occur in addition to the regular menstrual periods (period).

among the irregular bleeding:

Among the 35- to 50-year-old women has about one in five irregular bleeding. In most cases, it is here hormonal disorders. Depending on when the bleeding occurs, but it could be due questioned.

hormonal causes for irregular bleeding can be, for example:

organic causes for irregular bleeding can be:

Other causes for an intermediate circulation can be:

For intermediate bleeding, it is important to determine if an organic cause behind it or whether it is a hormone-related breakthrough bleeding.

In order to identify organic causes or rule out the woman's doctor will first interrogate important points, such as:

It is then

Have the spotting an organic background, the doctor is the appropriate therapy initiate.

Are hormonal fluctuations trigger the intermediate circulation, they can with hormone preparations be treated. Combination preparations of progestin and estrogen are often used for this purpose.


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