Breast cancer (breast cancer)

21 October 2017

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A breast reconstruction, which is a breast reconstruction, provides, for example, to an extended engagement as the radical surgery (removal of the entire breast, so-called. mastectomy) to. but a reconstruction is possible after breast-conserving surgery.

The reconstruction can be both immediately following the surgery and months or years later carry out. The timing of the reconstruction and the choice of method depends largely on the particular circumstances of the post-treatment as well as the wish of the patient.

There are basically two options, breast rebuild:

With both methods, the restoration of the chest, the cosmetic result is good shortly after surgery. The implants have the disadvantage that women perceive it in some cases after a certain time as a foreign body in the chest.

Breast reconstruction: Our video shows the possibilities of breast reconstruction there.

After breast cancer therapy regular follow-up visits important. First you will find mostly all three months instead, later, the distances are larger. In addition, the individual should once a year mammography undergo the healthy breast. After breast-conserving surgery, the doctor mammographiert the operated breast in addition every six to twelve months. If it is suspected that the cancer has come back (so-called. Recurrence), optionally followed by further studies, such as an ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

After a breast cancer disease in addition to the medical care and the social and psychological support important. Here discussions with the doctor and with relatives and friends, possibly also with a psychologist or psychotherapist, can be helpful. Support also offer numerous Support Groups, where you can exchange information with other patients who have breast cancer or have had.

The tumor markers CEA and CA 15-3 are endogenous substances that occur in connection with breast cancer increased in the blood. This determines the physician especially after breast cancer therapy regularly from a blood test. The values ​​can indicate whether the cancer has come back under certain circumstances.

Every woman is recovering from person to person of breast cancer. Physiotherapy exercises for the arm and shoulder of the affected side help to restore strength and range of motion after breast cancer treatment faster. It also prevents neck and back pain.

After the removal of lymph nodes from the armpit, the arm may swell on the operated side, because the liquid from the lymphatic system, the lymph can not drain. The result is a lymphedema. Physiotherapy and lymphatic drainage ensure that the lymph flows back and the arm is moving again.

Assistance in vocational and social rehabilitation, offers for cures and other breast cancer support, you can at psychosocial counseling and the health insurance ask.

www.krebsinformationsdienst.deDas German Cancer Research Center provides on its website a search on psychosocial counseling centers throughout Germany, which find extensive advice and help patients, relatives and interested parties.

www.brustkrebs-info.deHier For science-based information about breast cancer, breast cancer and other breast diseases by the doctors of the breast clinic of Immanuel Hospital Berlin. for breast cancer with more than 750 entries

www.krebshilfe.deAuf the pages of the German Cancer Aid, you can request free patient information about breast cancer or downloaded directly.


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