Bacillary dysentery (shigellosis): typical symptoms

21 October 2017

The bacterial dysentery (shigellosis) typically invokes sudden and violent symptoms out. During the first two days of sick leave a watery diarrhea usually occurs. As the bowel disease evolves depends among other things on the pathogen: The various Shigella can cause mild to severe illness with more or less severe symptoms.

In heavier Cases may trigger symptoms, of which the name of the intestinal infection than bacterial dysentery derived (or dysentery or Shigellenruhr) an infection with Shigella, however: The initially in the aqueous Shigellosis diarrhea can in bloody or mucopurulent diarrhea pass what one dysentery accounts.

Besides, a heavy running bacterial dysentery provoke the following symptoms:

As a rule, a serious bacterial dysentery is limited to the colon. Only occasionally occur complicated symptoms outside of the intestine on. In this case the shigellosis can cause the following complications:


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