Liver function tests: Elevated liver function tests

21 October 2017

Elevated liver function tests are a common finding. On the one hand there are diseases or disorders of the liver itself, pull the elevated liver values ​​after themselves. On the other hand, the liver function tests are useful in a number of other diseases that are not directly related to the liver, often too high.

Elevated liver function tests are Not equated with alcohol abuse. While it is true that people who drink too much alcohol, often have elevated liver values. Nevertheless, many come other causes question so that a hasty conclusion is not appropriate to alcohol abuse.

Elevated liver function tests occur, for example in the following situations:

The various enzymes (AST, ALT, GGT, alkaline phosphatase) are not always increase in these diseases at the same rate. Rather, there are typical increases of one or more of these values. The particular configuration helps the doctor to find out why the person concerned has increased liver enzymes.

The enzyme gamma-GT is the sensitive marker in disorders of the liver and biliary tree (e.g., bile congestion) as well as in alcohol-related changes in the liver. The so-called transaminases, that is, the enzymes GOT and GPT are typically increased at a liver cell damage, such as hepatitis or if liver tissue has died (necrosis). A sub-form of alkaline phosphatase increases in bile stasis (cholestasis).

For certain diseases it easier to make the diagnosis the doctor, when he puts the concentration of both enzymes GOT and GPT each other money. This value - GOT / GPT - is called after the Italian physician de Ritis de-Ritis quotient designated. In particularly serious liver damage, the values ​​of GOT, for example, higher than that of GPT. Even with alcohol abuse increases the GOT usually stronger than the GPT (de-Ritis quotient > 1). Chronic hepatitis in turn usually leads to significantly more elevated values ​​of GPT compared to GOT. Here, the de-Ritis quotient < 1.

There too Heart and muscles produce the GOT in relatively highly elevated levels are a possible result of damage of one of these organs, such as in a heart attack or muscle disorders.

rarer causes for elevated liver values ​​are:

In addition, elevated liver function tests in the form of can elevated transaminases (GOT, GPT) be the result of a condition or disease, which originally do not run out of the liver. Examples are:

Also following in drugs Active ingredients contained to elevated liver values ​​to be drawn (selection):

Also malignant diseases the liver (liver cancer) or other organs metastases seed off in the liver (about colon cancer, breast cancer or lung cancer), elevated liver values ​​can bring. The liver also sometimes rise in diseases of the lymphatic tissue, such as Hodgkin's lymphoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.


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