Baby Development – 3rd month

21 October 2017

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In the third month, your baby turns more and more to its environment and is active from week to week. It has been generally responsive to faces, individual caregivers are more important now. It examines items like with the mouth and follows the daily attention to the eyes.

The baby plays with his hands, sees this and bends at the same time the legs. Movements that previously appeared uncoordinated, are now always controlled and liquid.

During the third month is also the Head increasingly stable:

With about ten weeks some babies may already own pull a piece from the supine position, when you hold hands. Some babies can now already positive in the prone position lean on your forearms.

In addition, even one's own sound repertoire of the infant from week to week extended. If Laugh, squeal or buzzIt comes spontaneously like different sounds and testing his voice - an important step in the development of language.

In the third month, most babies have their own Sleep-wake rhythm found. However, this is true not necessarily involve the parents' agreement, and usually it's quite a while necessary and useful to accompany the baby to sleep.

Each child is individually designed. The development steps mentioned can therefore serve as a guide. If your baby is different from this development, that is no reason for concern. If you're still worried, talk to your pediatrician.

In the third, but no later than the fourth month, there is another screening at:


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