Stomach cancer (gastric cancer): Symptoms

21 October 2017

Stomach cancer (gastric cancer) do not by most uncharacteristic symptoms such as abdominal pain or sudden weight loss noticeable. or Affected gradually the symptoms as harmless - often occur long time no complaints.

Possible stomach cancer symptoms include:

In advanced, large tumors, they may be palpable especially in lean people.

When the gastric cancer to Gastric outlet narrowing, can no longer leave unhindered in the direction of the intestinal ingested food the stomach. Bloating, nausea and vomiting are possible symptoms. Vomit up food debris can be located from the day before. After vomiting the person feels temporary relief and the feeling of pressure disappears into the belly. By the reflux of stomach acid into the esophagus or food pulp heartburn can occur.

Stomach cancer can with stomach bleeding be connected. This bleeding can cause the stools black colors (called melena.) - or the person is vomiting blood. The vomit appears "coffee-ground-like", The corresponding color and consistency is formed by the contact of blood with stomach acid.

A newly emerged intolerance of coffee, fruit and / or alcohol (particularly wine and sparkling wine) may refer to stomach cancer. More stomach cancer symptoms are an aversion to meat and increasing appetite.

Other symptoms may join when the stomach cancer spreads and spreads in the body. Have, for example, metastases (Metastases) formed in lymph nodes, possibly is the so-called Virchow's node increases in the left clavicle pit and palpable. In secondary tumors in the liver, the liver can increase - the victims then feel pressure pain. In addition, large amounts of liquid in the abdominal cavity can accumulate.

A woman holding on to his stomach: Possible symptoms of stomach cancer include pain in the upper abdomen. © iStock

Discomfort in the upper abdomen associated with many diseases and be harmless. Persistent symptoms you should let clarify the doctor to rule out stomach cancer.

Some diseases can the same or similar symptoms as cause stomach cancer. These include:


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