Infantile Knick fallen arches

21 October 2017

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A childlike kink-flat foot is a foot deformity that occurs in children (more or less pronounced) very often. Most childlike kink flat feet are harmless and disappear by themselves before the children come to school.

In a bend-flat foot (or Pes planovalgus) is the X-position of the heel reinforced (= Foldable base) And the inner arch flattened (= fallen arches) So that the foot (as in the case of adults puncture) rests more on the ground. In most cases, a child's Knick-flat foot develops in young children by Gehbeginn and provides a normal stage of development represents (hence physiological buckling fallen arches called).

reason for this is that the children because of a (still) lacking functional attachment apparatus of the feet in a certain way forced are to turn their feet while running slightly inwards. This pronation trying automatically counteract - which means that the heel is inclined and drops the arch. To the risk factors for the child's kink-fallen arches include, for example, overweight (obesity), strong knock-knees or bow legs, muscle weakness and unstable tendons and ligaments.

Usually prepares a childlike Knick fallen arches no pain or it interferes with the normal course. Because of this and because of to some degree normal kink flat feet usually goes away by itself, is a Treatment usually unnecessary. Instead, it is especially important that children a lot of walking barefoot - not only when the Fußverformung already exists, but also to prevent it.

If the break-fallen arches running problems however are, are targeted treatment measures wise: In addition to specially made for the skew foot and flat feet insoles for shoes, for example, against the buckling fallen arches physiotherapy exercises, muscle training or equivalent custom shoes help.

Only if all non-operational activities for years to show any success and a childlike Knick fallen arches is preparing significant discomfort comes a surgery question.


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