Salivary glands & shy; inflammation, salivary stone: Causes

21 October 2017

A Salivary gland inflammation may their causes in an infection with bacteria or virus have also noninfectious arise. On sialolith (Sialolith) ensures that the salivary gland lighter inflamed, because if the salivary stone blocks the duct of the salivary gland, salivary ensteht a backwater - and the retained secretions the pathogens can multiply quickly.

Wherein a precise sialolith has its cause, is not yet completely clear. Probably caused by a sialoliths altered composition saliva - possible reasons (and thus also risk factors for salivary gland inflammation) are for example:

An increased risk of salivary gland inflammation can have other causes. So affect constrictions, scar or tumors the salivary glands just like a salivary stone: they impede the outflow of saliva, so multiply pathogens more easily and can cause inflammation of the salivary gland. In addition to following factors be responsible for an inflamed salivary gland:

Also drugs, the the reduce salivation, the emergence of a salivary gland inflammation can promote. These include draining means (so-called. Diuretics) tablets for depression (so-called. Antidepressants), allergies (antihistamines) or against heart problems. The risk of salivary stone is by these drugs but Not elevated.

come, however different viral diseases eligible for both a salivary stone as well as narrowed gland ducts or salivary gland inflammation as causes: For most infected mumps behind when are acutely swollen and inflamed salivary glands in children. Likewise, the cytomegalovirus and the Coxsackie A virus may be responsible for an inflamed salivary gland.

Rare are a salivary gland inflammation as causes Autoimmune diseases such as connective tissue diseases or Sjogren's syndrome based, which is characterized by severe dry mouth. Irradiation, for example in tumor therapy, a temporary cause inflammation of the salivary glands: the so-called radiogenic sialadenitis.


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